Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Use for Quilts......?

A lot of guests and fellow blogs have commented on the bales of hay that were used for the 'chairs' at Erin and Rhett's wedding. I think she got the idea from the Internet and thought it would be perfect (and cheaper than renting chairs) for their backyard, garden wedding. Although the small town of Blairmore is nestled in the Crow's Nest Pass, there is farmland all around so they were able to find a place that, for a fee would 'loan' them bales of hay. Erin came up with the idea of using 'country' quilts and so I packed the 5th wheel with all my quilts. A nice touch-what do you think?

An hour before the wedding, my husband and I covered the bales with the quilts to make it more comfy for the guest to sit on.

Looking all we need are the guests and the wedding party......ALSO notice the sunny day!! (There was a thunder and lightning storm at midnight!)

Getting ready for the wedding party....


  1. That was a clever idea! I noticed a lovely quilt in the picture with the little dog in your previous post. I can't imagine those quilts are all yours.

  2. There's some beautiful looking quilts there. What a wonderful blue sky too, how lucky considering the weather you had the day before.