Tuesday, July 14, 2009

See What I'm Missing Out on......

Every year in the Cowichan Valley we have an annual Quilt Show and Tea. This year the quilts will be shown at a lovely farm setting. Previous years they were in different venues like this subdivision. About ten homes opened up their backyards for the event. It was wonderful as not only did we see some beautiful quilts but you saw some gorgeous gardens. You left inspired to quilt and to garden. ALAS, this year the Quilt Show falls on the same weekend as my daughter's wedding. We will be in Blairmore, Alberta for the big event. I thought I would show you my pictures from last year so that you could get an idea of what the event is all about (and I could wallow in my misery......don't get me wrong....I want my daughter to get married, just not on that weekend.....sigh......) Oh well, I'm sure my fellow quilting friends will share their pics....sign...I just got off the Cotton n' Wool blog site. She has spectacular pictures of the Quilt Show in Sister's Oregon! Now there is a show you don't want to miss! Wedding or no wedding!!

Enough of the whining....sign.... I am starting to pack up our 5th wheel -getting the MOB (mother of the bride) outfit pressed and accessorized. Out comes the jewels-YUCK! I tried on the necklace that I made to go with THE dress while snow birding this winter and now I don't like it. It reminds me of a snake! You can't wear a snake around your neck to your daughter's wedding! See what I mean:

So I cut it up this afternoon and made this:

Much better! I know, you can't see it very well but take my word for it-it is MUCH better. Now people won't be asking "Who's the Snake Lady doing the Chicken Dance?". I also made a bracelet and earrings to match, which may be over kill.....we'll see. It's tough being a MOB!

Da da da da da da dah (That is me humming the chicken dance music in the background........)


  1. and can you hear me singing that darned song along with you?

    I just came over from Mary's site. Loved your blog, thanks for the quilt show.

  2. The quilts are lovely, some colour combinations to try out...I like the re-done necklace, and the rest, you are very clever, if I try beadwork it just means more things for the dogs to lick off the floor!

  3. What a lovely display of quilts. There's always next year! Love the necklace re-do.

  4. Oh no I have the song stuck in my head. Great quilts. Also, I tagged you over on my blog!