Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Quilting Snowbird.....

For the last two winters my husband, my two dogs and I have packed up our 5th wheel and headed south-ending up in beautiful Palm Springs, California. This year I got to spend two days at the Road to California Quilt Show!! FUN!!! Fabulous quilts, vendors and goodies to die for!! The highlight of the trip was.............

...MEETING Alex Anderson.....!!! AND.....

Eleanor Burns....!!!!! My new BFFs ;)!!!! Let's do coffee....?????

Let me show you what I did not quilting. Two days ago I got to play in the mud....actually it was cement and sand. I made some leaf castings for my daughter's backyard. (Remember her wedding is in her backyard and she wants to spruce it up using cement leaves.)
Today I got to peel off the leaves to see the finished results.

Lovely! Now I will keep spraying them with water until it is time to leave for Alberta. (Erin lives in Calgary) Spraying them with water will make them even harder.


  1. Lucky you to meet Eleanor Burns! Those cement leaves look really quirky, great idea! I remember sewing tablecloths and bridesmade dresses for one of my sisters-in-law, it seemed like I'd never be done! Good luck with them!

  2. Great buddies you have there...and if you were in Palm Springs you drove right by where I live!! Great leaves you made!!

  3. Love the leaves! I'm in Arizona and try to get to Road to California every year - hasn't happened yet. Sigh! Maybe next year! Sigh!

  4. Of all the years I lived in CA I never got to visit Road to CA. Someday!