Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Worth the Wait!

I ordered this book well over two months ago...Twice!

The first time that I ordered it, the receipt said that the order could take a month to arrive...I waited a month and a half before contacting the dealer.  I was told that they were out of stock and they promptly refunded my money...(no mention of the fact that they failed to contact me)!  So I went back on-line and ordered it again, this time from another dealer and was told three weeks...Eureka!  True to their word, three weeks it was!

Let me tell you...it was so worth the wait!  It's a Cheri Saffiote Payne book...It's an oldie...(2002 copyright) and my copy is used but in NEW condition and it cost about what I would pay for a Starbucks Coffee! Yup...$5.50!!  It is SEW chock full of quilting goodness...We are talking 301 CHRISTMAS QUILT BLOCKS!  No, no...make that 301 of the CUTEST CHRISTMAS QUILT BLOCKS!!

Check it out!  Cheri has several Santa patterns...like this tumbling Santa!

 I love this sweet triangle Santa...and then there is the Star Santa, Santa on a Sleigh, appliqued Santa...and sew on and sew on...


Ok...I'm just showing you one more Santa!  I mean really...does Santa come any cuter than THIS!

The sweetest Christmas baskets...in SEVERAL different styles.  I am showing only two...I am such a tease!


 Several blocks have special 'Christmas Words' on the blocks...which I personally love!
 And reindeer...several different styles!  This one reminds me of the reindeer that we use to make in my Grade One classroom!  This is SEW going on a quilt of mine...for old time sake!

I have probably shown you enough...but I need to slip in the just one Gingerbread block...(and there are several different styles here too!!)

 And I am not going to show you all the angels, snowmen, wreaths, Christmas Trees, mittens, stockings ....and anything else pertaining to Christmas!  No, I am not...but I wish I could!  I love hearing you go "Ahhhhhhh"!

There is a Twelve Days of Christmas Quilt inside this book...with all 12 of the sweetest blocks ever, starting with the Partridge in a Pear Tree, to the sweetest dancing ladies and drummers drumming!  I can't show you one because then you would want to see them ALL...and I can't do that to you! ;o)  There is also a Countdown to Christmas Quilt...oh man, there is just TOO MUCH in this book!

The beginning of the book contains a general instructions section where Cheri shows how to put the blocks together, how to applique, embroider and how to do the stitches.  She also shows how to build the background blocks...like log cabins and snowball blocks and how to finish off the quilt.  The back of the book contains all of the pattern pieces, templates, applique patterns and paper piecing templates!


If you love making Christmas Quilts then you really NEED this book!  As I have said...it's an oldie and out of print but if you do a search, you will probably find a copy on Amazon.  Keep trying...it's SEW worth the wait!

Personally I think it would be wonderful if Cheri wrote a book for each season!  Second thought... maybe it's a good thing that she hasn't as I would NEVER leave my sewing room!

Well that's my two cents worth today!  Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I am already looking forward to see what you will make from your new book :-)

  2. That is indeed a wonderful book...glad you were able to get one. So many nice projects and since you've been sewing up a storm I've been worried you might run out ....lol lol :)

  3. That is indeed a wonderful book...glad you were able to get one. So many nice projects and since you've been sewing up a storm I've been worried you might run out ....lol lol :)

  4. Lucky you, receiving this popular Cheri book. Maybe she should think about republishing it. It would certainly make a lot of people happy. I have quite a few of her older patterns from Indigo Junction, and I love them.

  5. I thought, " Looks like a great book, but it just has Christmas blocks. I will NOT be tempted to get this one." Then you had to show the basket blocks! I look forward to seeing your creations!

  6. I am glad you were able to get a copy, love her books and this one can be used in so many ways.


  7. Very nice purchase. Can't wait to see what you decide to make

  8. Ordered one months ago.....it never came....:(, finally they cancelled my order! So sad....

  9. It truly is a wonderful book! So glad you were able to find one still available. I borrowed it from the local library a few times then decided I couldn't live without it so bought it.

  10. Congrats on your persistence in getting the book. It will be see what your choose to create for the first piece.

  11. Paulette me encanta este libro!!
    lo tengo hace tiempo,
    todos los años decoro mis bolsas de navidad con estos bloques,
    siento que no tendré 301 años para hacer todos

  12. I purchased this book a long time ago from an Amazon seller for a little bit of nothing. I like it very much.

  13. I think I need to get one. Christmas is my favorite and so are santa's.

  14. I got this one years ago.... SOOOOO glad I did! I saw a version done at Primitive Gatherings in a 'trunk' show that I think they did for Lisa for a gift. Then again, I could be totally wrong. But I LOVE these blocks.

  15. can see you having great fun with the projects in this book

  16. Very fun book! Had it for years.:)