Friday, April 29, 2016

She's a STAR!

NOW...I'm not quite sure of the whole story...but somehow Hazel got her hands on a bag full of diamond cut blocks...they were either on the Share Table or someone gave them to her....! 

 Regardless, Hazel took them home, played around with them...and came up with this Star Medallion QUILT.  She had it together in no time, put it on her quilting frame and then beautifully machine quilted it and ....
 ...then DONATED it back to Heritage Quilter's Guild to be used as a Charity Quilt!

What a gal!  What a trouper!  What a quilter!  What a quilt...What a border!

I love a happy ending, don't YOU?!  Thanks for sharing, Hazel!  You are one in a medallion!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Some lucky recipient is going to feel very loved when they wrap up in that quilt!

  2. What a lovely gesture from both sewers. I'm sure it will be welcomed by the winner!

  3. Turned out beautifully! Way to go Hazel!

  4. Wow! A lot of piecing! Beautiful Hazel!

  5. what a fantastic quilt Hazel has made

  6. I love a good rescue story with a happy ending.