Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Whenever I am blog surfing and spot titles like 'Thrift Shop Finds', 'At the Antique Mall' or 'Garage Sale Loot', I get excited!  I hear myself say (often out loud) "SCORE!" or "Yes! Good find..." or "Put it back and walk away..." but then I remind myself that, one (wo)man's junk is another (wo)man's treasure!

So let me show you the loot acquired this weekend...first from the Quilter's Garage Sale that was held in Calgary this weekend and the new stuff from the 'Out of Hand Quilt Shop'.

So a bit of background on the Garage Sale...the Ujamaa Grandmas of Calgary host this GS,  raising money to help the African Grandmas who are bringing up their grand-kids after their parents died from Aids or War.  They raise a ton of money throughout the year and one of the ways is by having this annual Fabric Garage Sale! (Last year they raised $38,000 just on the GS!)  You can read more about their fund raising HERE...and let me tell you, it's pretty impressive!

This is the Ujammaa Grandmas' 9th Annual Garage Sale.  My new to quilting daughter, Erin attended last year and she was VERY impressed!  She told me the secret to success was to get their early.  Well isn't that my motto..."THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE FAT QUARTER"!  We arrived an hour and 45 minutes before opening...and got in line.  The line was fairly long by that time but by opening it was way down the block and then snaked around a corner into infinity!  YIKES!!  We were numbers 120 and 121 going through the church doors...they allowed only 200 quilters through the doors first!  We made it!
 Do you see the lady in red right in the middle. We were standing right in that mix...

When we left the church (with our loot) the line was the same!  So getting there early was key!

My head is hanging in mind turned to mush upon entry to the facility!  I have NEVER seen so much quilting stuff!  FABRIC, and notions... kits, and patterns and books...piles and piles and piles of it!  The main room was wall to wall tables and was stacked with random fabric just like in this picture (taken from Ujamaas Website)!  Seriously...I found this room to be too much and didn't look at any of it! It was just too overwhelming!  Apparently there was wool in these was trying to find it!  All fabric in this room was $1 a metre (39") so if you found any, it was a steal!
Off this huge room there were other rooms with big signs over the doors.  The Quilter's Fabric room is where we headed first..then to the Quilt Kits Room (we decided this is the room to start in next time!!), then Notions, Crafts, Knitting, Home Decor and upstairs we found books ($1each), magazines and patterns (5 for $1).

 A close up....I was very selective and didn't buy all that much...
 A lovely piece of taupe linen for stitcheries...bundle of neutrals...and I love that sweet bundle of reds...and some homespuns:o))

At the top of the pile is a lovely huge piece of green wool...I did a happy dance when I spotted that for $5!

 Books....some oldies but goodies!
And a whack of patterns...the ones that I won't use will go to friends or the Share Table at Heritage.


So there you have it!  

Yikes...this took longer than I thought...maybe because I savoured each and every picture!  See those patterns...I found most of them while lying on my belly, looking through boxes that were under tables!  So worth it!  Yup...I had some bonding moments with two quilters from Calgary while under those tables! :o))

SEW...I am going to have to leave the NEW stuff for tomorrow! Hope you can stand the wait! haha  I have errands to run and the morning is half over!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Looks like a great haul Paulette, I'm sure your daughter got some wonderful things also. Congrats on contributing to a good cause.

    We have a similar group here in New Westminster called the Go-go grandmas. They do sales of finished goods. Will have to see if they do a garage sale.

  2. Wow, between yesterday, and today, I'd say you scored big time. Looking forward to tomorrow to see the "new stuff."

  3. I would love to go to that garage sale! The ladies are certainly raising money for a good cause. You were certainly able to find some wonderful items even if you did have to do a belly crawl under the table!

  4. You got some really great materials and patterns, wish we had yard sales like that, lol.


  5. What a great tale. I shared the excitment in my belly just reading it! Sounds like all your birthdays all at once.

  6. Wow! Wish there was a garage sale like that here in Vancouver!!!
    You certainly did score......look at that out of print pattern on top of the pile!😍 Lucky you! Definitely a great fundraiser!

  7. I never find a garage sale like this.......would feel like Christmas, wouldn't it, Paulette?

  8. You certainly know how to shop.. you go girl.

  9. Sounds like a great cause and you got great loot!

  10. I would have been right there under the tables with you. I love a treasure hunt!
    Great haul!!

  11. Oh how fun. I could not have stood in a waiting line because of back pain....maybe they should have a handicap line to get in first regardless of when you get there. Looks like you had some fun and plenty of goodies to bring home.

  12. You never know what you might find at a sale like this. I've never had the opportunity to explore anything like this quilter's goods sale. I just can't imagine it! I think you pulled yourself together and did very well.

  13. what a wonderful sale to attend can see you at the front of the queue net year too some wonderful buys you have there