Thursday, April 21, 2016

The (NEW) Loot...

SO while in Calgary last weekend, I was lucky enough to go to THREE Quilt Shops...

Along Came Quilting....

My Sewing Room...

 And my personal favourite...Out of Hand.  The others were nice but 'Out of Hand' had everything...literally EVERYTHING!
Every kind of thread known to mankind, buttons, ribbon, wool, wool pattern and wool threads!

 Valdani of every colour...
 Yup..'Out of Hand' is a bit out of hand...but in a good way!  Look at the Diamond Textile/Daiwabo fabrics!!  LOVE!!
 Modern fabrics and all the latest lines, Civil War, even Homespuns and Liberty floral!

 They have all the Quiltmania Magazines...modern and vintage...old and new copies!
 And YES, you have to dig but what quilter doesn't like to dig if the end result is the perfect pattern/book/thread or fabric!
 They have tons of wool...tons!
 So soft and pretty...

And the ladies who work there are VERY friendly, knowledgeable and fun!  I even bumped into a blog reader, ANITA!  "HI ANITA from Calgary!"  It's always nice to meet an old friend!

 SEW...what did I buy...wool threads, the book~ 'Farm Girl Vintage', an older Simply Vintage (one that I missed), some red striped homespun, muslin, and a layer cake roll of Tula Pink's Chipper and matching grey Kona Cotton.  I know what you're thinking...Farm Girl Vintage and Tula Pink!  She's gone over to the wild side!  Nope, NEVER!! haha The Tula Pink Fabric is for a quilt that will be a graduation gift and it needs to be modern and fresh for a young woman!  And I have to admit this fabric is all of that!  The Farm Girl Vintage blocks are just plain FUN!  Have you seen the lamb, cherries and strawberry blocks? Dang cute and would be perfect in a picnic quilt or even a baby quilt!

Nothing terribly exciting... but I am happy with my purchases!  I have to confess, Erin and I hit 'Out of Hand' twice...once on Friday and once on Saturday!  It's that kind of store! :o))

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Look like fantastic stores and Out of Hand should be on my visit list should I find myself in Calgary! Great shopping, thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven't been to Calgary in years I think I feel the need for a visit! Sounds like you had a great time.

    1. With that wall of wool I'm surprised some of it didn't come home with you. You can never have enough wool! Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Love that you brought home some Loot. I love the Farm Girl Vintage Blocks. I have them all made in the 6 1/2" blocks. They need to become a flimsy someday soon...

  4. Thanks for sharing these shops! My favorite is Out of Hand but I've only been there once. Maybe next time! Enjoy your new treasures!

  5. What a great looking shop....and you got some really great loot....I love that Lori Holt book too ....happy sewing :)

  6. What a great looking shop....and you got some really great loot....I love that Lori Holt book too ....happy sewing :)

  7. For hitting the store twice, you showed commendable restraint! : )

  8. I do not need to shop and this weekend is our once every two year quilt show, so I can't miss that and I know there are going to be lots of vendors, help!


  9. Thank you for the quilt shop tour! I would love to visit the Out of Hand shop. My husband always says I can spend whatever I want on my quilting supplies, I think he might have set a limit for this shop!

  10. What an awesome shop. Sometimes a place that can be totally overwhelming. Glad you found some great stuff.

  11. what wonderful shops to visit and send in too. I have the farm girl vintage book promised myself no BOMs next year so I can get it done along with the farmers wife quilt, also have Women of the Bible to do

  12. I'm from Ontario but visiting my daughters in Calgary, I too shopped in all three shops and I too went to went into Out of Hand twice!!! Loved it!!! Beautiful stores!!!