Friday, April 8, 2016

Show and Tell...

I love it when blog readers send in pictures of their finished quilts!  Celest was looking over my shoulder, watching me make my wee house quilt...and then decided to jump right in!  
She loved the process of the paper piecing and before long had enough houses to make this lovely scrap-happy village!!  This gorgeous wall hanging is going to be a gift for her DIL!  Now that's what I call being a wonderful MIL!  Thanks SEW much for sharing, Celest!!

Before I go, I have to show you these mushrooms that were in the gardening section at our local grocery store...They were big...see the bucket in back for size reference...and made of wire and moss!  Very clever...and very cute!
  Wouldn't they look wonderful in the corner of any garden?!  I loved them...they would definitely add a magical aspect to any garden...but then to keep that magic happening, I would have to weed around them!  Walk away...WALK AWAY!  RUN!  :o))

Have a FUN Friday and happy stitching!~P


  1. I love the fact that we all get inspiration from each other. Wonderful quilt, Celest.

  2. Celest did a beautiful job.
    Got a kick out of your closing comment about the mushrooms.

  3. Celest did a wonderful job! Thank you Paulette for your inspiration! Very cute mushrooms.

  4. Beautiful quilt Celest! Those murshrooms would make a wonderful addition to a garden.....not mine either.

  5. lovely quilt and re the mushrooms just think if you got one or maybe two you might get some fairies to visit.