Thursday, April 28, 2016

SEW...Better late, than never...

What kind of a mother am I?!  I should be flogged with a wet Jelly Roll....I am such an terrible mother!  I forgot to brag..errrr...I mean...I forgot to show you what my quilting daughter, Erin, has been up to.  I took these pictures while in her Calgary home and then forgot to share them with you!  I was going through my iPhone pictures and came across of the quilts that are laying around my quilting daughter's house!

SEW...better late than never...

I love this's Lola's chair...Lola is Erin's golden-doodle pup!  It's pushed into a corner, in front of  a window on their that Lola can curl up in it, enjoy the rays and yet keep an eye on the neighbourhood! It's her favourite place to 'hang' and I can't blame her... such a pretty quilt by Jaybird designs!  A quilt fit for a in Queen Lola!

 Erin 'found' this antique quilt at an Estate's gorgeous draped over her white leather couch...but I had to spread it out for full inspection!  I love that Erin appreciates the history behind quilts...and loves the old, as well as the new!

 In Erin's sewing room she has several small wee quilts hanging.  Some she made and others she received in Quilt Swaps!  Here is a glimpse at some of them...

I love how all of these quilt seem to go together!  

 This is the beginning of her antique scissor collection...LOVE THEM!

Aren't these sweet!

And more!  Love the tulips!

Erin attended Quilt Con, in Pasadena, CA in February and took three from Carolyn Friedlander....This was a postcard that was part of the kit that she received.  She had Carolyn sign it and then framed it on top of a piece of Carolyn's fabric!  Such a nice keepsake of her FIRST Quilt Con!!

And this was on Erin's design wall...she is practicing her bias making skills and applique skills....

This quilt top is in the making and was part of another workshop that Erin took while at Quilt Con....tackling the dreaded "Y" seams!

 And her shelf on the chevron wall...

I have to show you Erin's silver plated tray collection....she is always on the look-out for small and unique trays....which means thrift shops finds!  Yup...a chip off the ol'block!

I forgot to take pictures of Erin's Carolyn Friedlander that will have to wait till next time...if I remember! :o}}

Now, if you will excuse me,  I have to dry out that wet Jelly Roll...good thing it's a sunny day!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. What a lucky girl to have such pretty swap quilts. I think my favourite is the first rainbow one with the white diamond petals. There are several others I wouldn't say no to also.

    Great idea on the postcard framing, love that b&w print she chose.

    Looks like my kind of gal, multiple projects at once!

  2. Wonderful quilts and fun to decorate with antique sewing items. I am always looking when I go to the thrifts.


  3. Apple didn't fall far from the tree, for sure!

  4. What a talent she has! Love all those minis!

  5. Wow! A beautiful collection of mini quilts! Love the tulips! Like mother like daughter!

  6. This post is just full of quilty goodness! First off you are SO lucky to have a daughter who shares your love of quilting. I would enjoy an afternoon in Queen Lola's chair. Love that little tulip quilt. Did Erin put a mirror in one of her trays? (I spied part of her quilt in there.)

  7. Wow! How fun to see your daughter get the quilting bug!