Friday, April 22, 2016

Glynis' Show and Tell...

As you all know, there are no flies on Glynis!  And as you ALSO know, whenever you see Glynis' name, you KNOW that you are in for some serious EYE CANDY!  Just look at her latest creations....

This is the latest FREE BOM from Cheri and it is gorgeous!  

 Cheri's FB page, called 'Quilts by Cheri~A Friendship Group', is where to find it!  I have to tell you, before joining this group, I was not 'really' a FB person but I am REALLY enjoyed this group!

Cheri wrote about how to join her Face Book group on her Blog yesterday...even for those quilters who don't like or 'do'  FB and don't want an account in their name.  You can read about it HERE.  Seriously if you love Cheri' Patterns, then you will love this group!

Anyways...Glynis finished her top...and it is just wonderful!  But let's not stop there...

Glynis also finished this wonderful Kathy Schmidt project....these embroidered blocks have been her 'car' project and her Heritage project for awhile now.  Here a stitch, there a stitch, they all add up to be something petty special!

 I just love this wee mat...the blocks are small and according to Glynis, fast to stitch up!

Yup...this quilt gets the 'dang-stinking cute' label!  Thanks SEW much for sharing, Glynis!  It's always fun to show your 'work'!

Well this week sure got away from me...I actually had to go to the computer calendar to see what day it was!  Ahhh yes, the retired life!  It's FRIDAY?!  Another week just flew by!
As I mull that one over, I want YOU to have a the best FUN Friday EVER and Happy Stitching...remember here a stitch, there a stitch, it all adds up to be something pretty special!!~P


  1. Great quilts and she did a beautiful job on them.
    I do like Kathy's mini projects, was thinking of doing them but maybe in squares.


  2. Glynis never disappoints! Love those cute stitcheries!

  3. Beautiful hand work Glynis! The flowers on the scrap quilt are stunning!

  4. Glynis you never fail to inspire and I can't wait to see what you create next.

  5. lovely quits the new BOM looks good but have said NO more BOMs for me as I have such a long list of to dos already maybe I will take a peep though!

  6. Wow beautiful projects and that sew along is on my to do list. So fun to see all the different ones on Facebook. Thanks for the inspiration's always wonderful. Hugs. Karen

  7. Beautiful quilts! Love the embroidered blocks! Thanks for the links and have a lovely weekend!