Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday’s Garage Sale…

Sew here it is Monday already and I am still talking about Saturday!!  Even when you’re retired, Saturday is still THE day!  Could it possible have anything to do with the fact that it is also Garage Sale Day? 

During the week, I got TWO emails… one from Salt Spring Shelly and the other from Heartsdesire…informing me about a Quilter’s GS!!  Thank you, ladies…that was very sweet of you!  This is the same Quilter’s GS that I went to last month…and scored big time with the Civil War fabric!  So I was up early and pumped…haha!

Last time I forgot to take my camera…this time I came prepared! The GS was inside so we got to see some of the deceased quilter’s work.  Apparently she did not own a sewing machine but enjoyed doing all of her work by hand…yup, you heard me…this is all hand pieced and hand quilted!! 



This was behind the front door so it was hard to get a good shot…


All three of these quilts were in the entrance way to her home…LOVED this homespun beauty!


This one is nice too!


This is Sharon…she is the one who alerted me to this sale last month!!  With friends like this who needs a News Paper!  Thanks, again Sharon!

To Sharon’s left is the Fat Quarter shelf…all FQ were $1 each.  In front of her is the bagged fabric.  Fabric is grouped in coordinating bunches and sold for either $5 or $10 depending on how much fabric was in each bag!  This is where I found the CW and Homespuns last time…and yes, there were MORE new bags!  Most of the other quilters gravitated to the other side…the dark side of the table…the batiks!  Fine with me! heehee


This was the yardage corner…all fabric was $4 a metre.


More FQ, Scrap bags, threads and patterns…


This box contained bags of fabric…each bag was $1!


Over by the piano were the books, which sold for $1 and $2!  I spent a lot of time going through these!  I loved her collection of books…we seem to have the same taste in quilts!


So I bought more of the same…some Civil Wars and Homespuns…this little bundle containing 27 FQ from the same Civil War line…for $25!

P1190809And of course books!  And as I mentioned, we seem to have the same taste in books…and for only $1 each how could I NOT buy them!! 


I almost squealed when I found THIS Kim Diehl book…it was on my book list to find down south this year!  Yup…it was a buck!  More on this book later….


I was practically dancing around the living room…but NOT…for fear Richard would jack up the price!! You do NOT want to look too happy at a GS!  They were all books that I LOVE!!

P1190814 P1190815

All books were a buck or two but patterns were either $4 or $7…go figure!  They were not moving…at all!  BUT I did find this pattern…


…with the cutest stitcheries in…SNOWMEN for every month of the year!  SEW dang cute that it found it’s way into my box!

I think these are May and February….


Sew there you have it…and yes there is a THIRD sale in October!!  Would you believe that after TWO GSs they have only touched a third of her stash!!  Be still my heart!!  I think I need to go back to work!…WHAT did I just say??…SLAP ME!! …Thanks, I needed that!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I wish we had these sorts of sales in th uk - we have car boot sales in fields(!!!). But it's always just junk as far a I can tell - there was some lovel stuff for you to be tempted by in this one !

  2. You brought some lovely things. The fabric is wonderful.

  3. Man, oh man, that is some kind of garage sale full of cool stuff. Those are some awesome quilts. Involved a lot of work, for sure. You're going to fill up your new sewing room in no time flat if you keep finding places like this! Better rent a storage unit...just sayin!

  4. Good for you! That Home Front book is hard to find and so is Collections One. I've looked for the Home Front book for years! Kind of sad to think of my kids going through my stash and selling my stuff. At least Gina's starting to get interested in fabric so maybe she will want to keep something. Awesome score!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  5. OK I'm coming with you to the next one!! You found an amazing sale!!!

    I have that Freckles pattern made up into the sweetest quilt that I bring out every winter, Luv it!

  6. I may need to come up for a visit and to go GSaling with you! Amazing finds and great books!

  7. Oh man... only one third of her stash? What a fun gal she was!!! And great taste in fabrics and books... that CW bundle you found is awesome! I have that Jan Patek Simple Pleasures book... love anything with houses... but paid more than a buck for it! ;-)

  8. Wow, you have the best gs luck! Enjoy.

  9. Great finds-I need that address! LOL!

  10. Wow you did much better GSing than I did Saturday. I did find 2 wool skirts for $1 and a red plaid Hawkeye picnic basket for $10. The skirts I'll send to my sis who is a rug hooker for dyeing...or I might just felt them myself. You will love the Kim Diehl book. I love all her patterns. I would have loved the Jan Patek book, Simple Pleasures too and I think I spied a Jo Morton in your pics. What a score!

  11. I would love to find a garage sale like that! Congrats on the awesome buys!

  12. that's quite a haul! i'm totally jealous over getting such good deals on the books.:)

  13. Looks like you scored big time..wish I lived closer :)

  14. Great books and sure how to G-sale shop Paulette..
    Nothing like that ever comes up here..

  15. You scored big. Many of those books your purchased are already in my collection. My latest quilt that I am working on is in one of them. Sad that a quilter passed on to Patchwork Heaven. My family will need to do a big sale when I pass on.

  16. Ok, I'm jealous! First you win that fabulous prize a few days ago and now you score big at a garge sale. Not fair! I would like to say I am happy for you, but give me a minute...I will need to work on sounding convincing.

  17. Woww, fantastic finds and fantastic prices. I specially love the snowmen pattern. I have to say though that I would have come home with a heck of a lot more than you did and I'd probably have had trouble keeping the smile off my face while I was there.

  18. Can you see how many shades of green I am? Probably a good thing this GS is 2 provinces away from me, oh those prices!
    Have fun in October too =)

  19. WOW...we totally need something like this....we tried to get our guild to do a sale where women could resell, but the didn't seem to want to do that. sigh....lucky you! =)

  20. I am visiting a fabric saleswoman's garage sale preview this Friday. She had one in the Spring and it was fantastic. I manage to find about 4+ a year and keep my fabric costs down while using really interesting fabrics.

  21. What a lucky girl - I never seem to find those sales.