Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust…

Nothing much to report…it was like I was treading in quicksand yesterday…everything was laid out to start quilting Button Town and then, like all good plans, I had all these interruptions…my audio book finished so I had to go on-line to sign out a new one…and of course the ones that I wanted were already signed out…finally managed to find one BUT it took TIME..and then a drop by visitor, my bike ride, phone calls, I had to water the garden (where’s that RAIN?) and then of course there was our afternoon Hike…this time it was Spectacle Lake…pretty but it took TIME! 


So as I write this… Button Town is laying sandwiched and pinned but that’s about it…and today is out…Lunch in Victoria!  However…she COULD still be stuffed into that plastic bin, in bits and pieces…so it’s ALL good…right?!

Last night while watching TV, I did put the last stitches into the wee pumpkin basket… blocks for the ‘Baskets of Life Quilt’…by JAM…another UFO that I found tucked in a bin from a few YEARS ago!!

We have been watching ‘Downton Abbey’ on Netflix…EXCELLENT series…and the perfect show for stitching!


This makes…NINE DONE…five more to go!  YEAH!  WE can do this!!

Hey, if you are a lurker and want to start leaving comments or be able to enter Give Aways…or become a follower on anyone’s blog then Sew Cal Gal has the Post for YOU!!  Check it out!!  She makes it easy for all you lurkers to take the next step in the blogging world!

Have a WILD and WICKED Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Beautiful! Way to go!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  2. hey, remember last spring we had all that rain and wish for sun! Rain is just around the corner. Love the basket pattern, wish I could fine that pattern. Enjoy! Sally from Oregon

  3. Stitching looks great! Bike rides and hikes are needed to enhance quilting stamina! lol! If I had a gorgeous park like that to ride in, I'd be bicycling every day. Too many cars with less than stellar drivers behind the wheel around here... lol!

  4. Hey, it could be could be in a school getting prepared for next week.

  5. At the rate I am going, I am never going to leave comments, lol. For some reason blogger has made it harder to type in the code and sometimes it takes 5 tries for me to leave a comment, what's up with that, who can read smooshed letters.


  6. I wanted to watch Downton Abbey but missed the beginning. Decided to skip the rest for now. Guess I really need to get Netflix.

    BTW, rain is at my house .... shall I send some your way?


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