Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday’s Feature Focus…

Yesterday I donned my stylish gardening boots…P1190416

..and headed for the local raspberry patch!  Just down the road from where we live is a U-Pick Berries…love going here!  Tons of berries but in between the rows are weeds…and I have this ‘thing’ about snakes!  YIKES!!  I DO NOT LIKE THEM!!  Here on Vancouver Island we have tons of snakes but none are poisonous…just little garter snakes…but I still don’t like them!  Hence the boots!  With my boots on I am invincible…I am WOMAN…and will kick any snake in the …tail!

Doesn’t it look like these boots have attitude?!


The bushes were loaded…the sun was shining…a perfect day for berry picking!


AND I had on my boots!


It wasn’t long before my bowls were full!    P1190424

Aren’t they lovely berries…


Those lovely berries turned into this!  Yikes!  Look at all that sugar…and this is using the ‘LIGHT’ version…!


Yummmm…now to clean up the jars, put on the lids and wait for it to ‘set’ before it goes into the freezer!!  There is NOTHING better than freezer jam!


So that’s what I did yesterday…and after making jam I stitched while I watched the Olympics on TV.  I find the Olympics way more enjoyable this time round…  I think it’s because we know the results when we get up in the morning, so by afternoon we see the process without the stress and nerves. 


I have five blocks quilted…cheered on numerous teams and individuals, got teary with several wins or near wins…(I love it when they show the parents out in the stands!!)  And I was so proud of the Olympic officials for being brave enough to set the bar even higher…regarding the ladies badminton teams!!  (What were those teams THINKING?!!)


Yup…and I should get a medal for quilting this heavy wool quilt on a hot summer night! 


Have a Fantastic Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Your jam and your stitching look wonderful! Love the boots. My sister is into all things animal print, so she needs some like that. I wish our snakes were non-venomous! We have cooperheads and diamond back rattlesnakes around here! I also just killed a scorpion that found its way into my house! Yikes!

  2. lol! Yes! You should get a medal for quilting wool on a hot summer night! :-) The jam looks fabulous! I'm not a fan of snakes either... the last one I held pooped on me! Eeeeeew!

  3. Your boots are divine, any snake would be crazed to mess with those leopards! Both your jam and quilt look absolutely delish =)

  4. I love raspberry freezer jam! One more good reason to come up there and visit you guys!! Someday we hope to do that. You could model your boots, too (that would be another good reason, wouldn't it?)

  5. Love your boots! The berries and jam look good. Your quilt is coming along great, love the big stitch quilting.

  6. Your quilt is so beautiful. Love how you are quilting it!!

  7. That looks yummy, forgot to see if we have any in the back, the birds tend to eat them all. Love your piece and the stitching you are doing.


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  9. You don't need a metal, you've already got THE boots!
    Looking good, all the way around.

  10. You don't need a metal, you've already got THE boots!
    Looking good, all the way around.

  11. The stitching is looking migthy good. I'm with you about the snakes, so glad the valley doesn't have poison ones like we did in Fl. Stay cool--going to get hotter this weekend.

  12. I LOVE your boots. I keep trying them on and they just don't fit well, but I want some! Don't you just love homemade jam...but of course you do or you wouldn't have made the effort to make it fresh. We usually eat as many berries as we pick. I used to be sure to take Laurie with me to pick so I could use all that I managed to take home.

    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  13. Oh I love raspberries and the jam looks so yummy . I give you a medal for stitching in the heat for sure and your quilt is deserving of a medal anyway ;-)

  14. Love freezer jam. Your wool quilt is going to be stunning. Kudos to you for having that on your lap in this weather!

  15. Those berries are beautiful! Wish I had a patch down the road from me.

    Lovely quilting Paulette! You are zipping right along on that quilt!!

  16. Mmmmmmm. Those berries and jam look so delicious! Cute boots, too.

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