Monday, August 13, 2012

Crawford’s Farm Quilt Show 2012…Part 2!

What a difference a day makes…Crawford’s Farm went from this~P1190527

To this…in the span of a few hours…and a lot of hard work!!  The sheep are in the meadows and the cows are in the corn…


But for us, it was all about the show!  So while the sheep graze..let’s continue…

Upon arriving at the Farm, Claire, Doreen and I stood out front by the admissions booth waiting for our friend Sandy to arrive.   While there, a lovely lady came over and introduced herself as Glynis, a fellow quilter and blog lurker.  (If you have a blog, you have probably all had that happen to you…)  I never know how to respond…I get all awkward, tongue tied and say something dumb…like “Gosh, darn…thanks”……Oh how I wish I had met Glynis on our way out…I would have talked her ear off!!

Glynis had quilts in the show…INCREDIBLE quilts…Let me show you a sampling…

First up was Snowbound by Bunny Hill Designs!  Loved it…she kept it simple, selected the cutest blocks to appliqué and then machine quilted it beautifully!  P1190623

Look at the sweet stars overflowing into the border…LOVED IT!!


Our group rounded the corner to the next field and both Claire and I practically SQUEALED!!  It was Buggy Barns’ Folk Art Blooms quilt hanging on the line!!! This quilt has been on our ‘TO DO LIST’ for quite some time now. (You can read about it HERE and HERE!  You see… I have no secrets from YOU!) Both Claire and I have the book and the fabric…we just need the time!!  Well obviously Glynis had that magic combination because together they formed a stunning quilt…absolutely S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!!P1190565



I took a ton of pictures…I hope you don’t mind…but Claire and I will want to go back and look and drool over these pictures several times…because Glynis has inspired us to crack open the book and make this quilt!!

P1190555  I love everything about this quilt…even Sandy was saying she would like to try her hand at making one block…the only thing is, which block to make?!  She may have to make the whole quilt too!!


I think this is my favourite block right here…


…or maybe this one…


…or this one!!


See what I mean…gorgeous!!


..all of them!!

P1190562 P1190563 P1190564

We checked the label and sure enough GLYNIS made this one too!!  She has become my hero!!


Then two fields, a creek and a pond later…we came to this beauty!  “WOOL!!!  EUREKA!!  There’s WOOL in them thar hills!!”  Yup,  someone made a WOOL appliquéd quilt right here in our valley!!


And sure enough…the label said GLYNIS!!  Well actually you don’t need to look at the label…it’s right there for the whole world to see at the top of her quilt!!  (Glynis’ Garden Gatherings is designed by Phyllis Paul of Cozy Quarters.)  Yup…we are definitely  KINDRED SPIRITS!!


I LOVE this quilt…sweet little violets…beautifully hand appliquéd!


…and LOOK at how the quilting echoes the border vine!  LOVE all these little  details…very creative and well thought out!!


Another project to add to the Ol’Bucket List!

P1190617 P1190618  

Yes, it really was too bad that we didn’t meet Glynis at the END of our quilt walk…we really NEEDED to gush over her quilts and tell her how much we appreciated her lovely work!  Thanks SEW much, Glynis, you made the show for us!! 

Have a Marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!!~P

PS…There’s still more to come…yup, I’m going to be milking this baby!!  No offense to the cows in the corn!


  1. What gorgeous quilts! And I love the setting. What a wonderful way to have a quilt show!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! Wish I could have gone with you and heard you squeal!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  3. Yup working on that BB Folk Art album - 2 blocks done - and I'm adding wool to mine - SHOCKED lol, probably not. That Glynis is a talented quilter. Thanks for the eye candy

  4. Lots of pretty quilts on the line today! Glynis is a talented fellow Blogger. I'm glad you go to meet up with her. I like to meet my fellow Bloggers too.

  5. just fabulous, love the detailing! and the colors, and the designs, everything!

  6. I love that you get good photos of the quilting and close ups of the details on the quilts. Really nice to see beautiful quilts and the workmanship.


  7. I recently purchased a copy of the Buggy Barn book for the applique quilt. We think alike.

    It is a good thing those are sheep grazing and not goats. They might have taken a nip or two out of the quilts.

  8. I really enjoyed meeting you at Crawford's Farm Show on Saturday. I recognized several of your quilts as I walked around - even before seeing your name. They look even better "in the flesh" than in your blog photos. I was SEW impressed!

  9. I am happy that so many quilters are getting to see all the lovely pictures that you took at the farm show. I also love the buggy barn quilt. I had a couple of quilts in the show, one was a grandma dream and the other was the one your friend Sandy liked. I sure hope I can find the book Buggy Barn Folk art Blooms.