Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let’s Twist Again….

Yesterday I got an email from Saskatchewan Judy, one of our EX Clubhouse Quilters from down South!  Judy and her husband moved to another RV Resort in one of the more distant Desert Cities (I think Indian Wells)…If you ever go to the Palm Springs Area you will discover that there are a series of small cities (11 or 12 in all) up and down the I-10 freeway with Palm Springs being just one of them!  I love this as none of the cities are huge and all are ‘drivable’ with each having their own shopping and unique charming areas!  Oooops!  Going off topic…:o)

So… last Winter we didn’t see Saskatchewan Judy…she would pop in once in awhile, via email, to let us know what was happening in her life…she was going to join us for a Wednesday Sew In but that didn’t happen…life is hectic out on the desert!  You laugh…but it is!!  SEW much to do!

Last night I got an email from Saskatchewan Judy, accompanied with a Show and Tell picture that really made me laugh!  This is the quilt that she made for niece…it’s a pattern and kit that she bought at the Road to California from the Calico Horse booth!  This quilt is big…with these huge Twisters on it…made of gorgeous Moda's La Petite Ecole fabric! 


How do I know all this?  Because I bought the SAME pattern and Kit…but not at Road….I bought mine at the Calico Horse Quilt Shop…


…during their 40% sale!!  Yup, I picked it up for a song…a very sweet song!

Let’s Twist again, like we did last Winter…yeah…let’s twist again like we did last year!! 

Yup, great minds think alike!  Thanks, Judy!  I obviously LOVE the quilt!

Come on let's twist again like we did last WINTER
Yea, let's twist again like we did last year
Do you remember when things were really hummin' (that would be our sewing machines!)
Yea, let's twist again, twistin' time is here

Yeah round 'n around 'n up 'n down we go again (needle up and down…)
Oh baby make me know you love me so then
Come on let's twist again like we did last Winter
Yea, let's twist again, twistin' time is here….(
well almost here!  Only FOUR more months (and a bit) until we pack up the RV…and head on down South…!!)

One more time now…Come on let’s Twist again…

Can you guess what I’m going to be singing the rest of today?  How about you?

Have a WILD Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P



  1. Lovely Twister quilt - love the story.

    Come on let's twist again like we did last winter! Guess what I'll be singing all day?


  2. I have not succumbed to the Twist...but oh it does look fun!

  3. Calico Horse Shop sold after you left and I'm trying to find what the new owner has renamed the shop. Does anyone know?

  4. I haven't tried one of those quilts yet but it looks like the time is right for you! Have a great trip/I can just see you humming the song as you embark on your journey!

  5. I love the twister pattern. Love it in this fabric line. I just ordered and received the mini twister template from Primitive Gatherings. I believe it makes 1 inch squares. Oh my, that should be fun cutting those little things out! Not! But I'm going to give it a try. Oh, "the things we do for love, er, I mean quilting." Just thought I'd keep with the song theme of the post.

  6. I'm just a little annoyed that you got the same kit and pattern for 'a song' on sale - even at regular price at the show, it was very reasonable. I will tell you that it's not as big as it looks, and I've seen it finished with another wide border of one of the print fabrics in the 'twists'. Also, it's not easy cutting out the pattern with a template made out of template plastic - so I would spend the extra and buy a square ruler the size you need. You can afford to do that since you got the kit on sale!! And I'm hoping to 'twist again' this winter. We are going back to Cathedral City, just across the highway and down the road from you at Desert Hot Springs. I will be stopping in to see you at the Clubhouse this year!! Once again, you made me smile today!!