Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From One Woolie to Another…

Do you want to see the PERFECT gift to give to a Woolie friend?  Well…feast your eyes on this little guy!  ADORABLE..or what!


Claire found her Woolie pin at a Artisan’s Fair and the artist only had the one…so she got talking to the lady and explained that she had this Woolie friend (that would be ME!!) who would also love one.  Of course the Artist could make another pin (YAY!!)…and that’s exactly what she did!  Claire could have put this pin away for a Christmas gift but no…she HAD to give it to me early…as one Woolie friend to another!!  It WAS, after all,… Woolie Day! 


If you would like your own hand crafted Little Woolie or have a Woolie Friend who would love a Little Woolie Pin then get on it NOW…in time for Christmas! 

When Claire asked the Artist if I could use her name and address on my Blog, this was Carolyn’s reply~


Great!  I would be honored to have my name and email address in Paulette's blog post as mother of the sheep!  With my pots and jewelry, this is the part I enjoy the most, making something personal or meaningful for someone.  On Christmas morning I always think of all the gifts that I have made that people are opening and also of all the ornaments that are hanging on trees, the world over.  Makes me happy to make something special for someone.

So to you Woolies out there…or friends of Woolies…here is her email address:

  As for me, I will wear my ‘Little Woolie’ with pride and honour…and tons of woolie love!  THANKS sew much,CLAIRE!!

Now I have to get baaaaaa-ck to work!!  (I couldn’t resist! :o)

Have a Woolie Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS…If you didn’t see YESTERDAY’S POST you might want to scroll down as there is a GIVE AWAY happening!!


  1. Methinks Carolyn will be making sheep in her sleep! lol! They are so very cute! Love her email response too! :-)

  2. There are a lot of woolies out there! I think I will be emailing soon before she is overwhelmed!

  3. I think Carolyn will end up making more sheep than she can count, lol...that is just way too darling! Great find, Claire!

  4. What a cool and thoughtful/creative gift! I suppose a woolie would see that the moment they saw this cute little trinket. So glad your friend is so thoughtful.
    xx, Carol

  5. Nice idea for wool loving friends. I don't wear jewelry anymore, I am a plain jane, lol.


  6. What a cute pin, perfect for you. You have a very thoughtful friend .

  7. Love your Woolie pin and yes, you have a thoughtful friend!!:)