Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beacon Hill Park…

It was off to Victoria yesterday…mainly for the cool comfort of the AC in the car.  Hubby had a few errands to run…so I took some stitching and the dogs….  I set the AC blowers just right…so my hair blew straight back, as did the dogs’ears…ahhhhh bliss!  We were in heaven!

After the errands were done we went to Beacon Hill Park…located in beautiful, downtown Victoria.  Acres of lovely park…we leased up the hounds and we were off…wonderful!

Sometimes it’s important to STOP AND SMELL the flowers..   P1190673And man, were there flowers!! 


Victoria is famous for their flowers…

P1190682 P1190683 P1190687 P1190700 P1190707 P1190710 P1190712

The gardener must have left behind his watering can…


Nope, it’s part of Beacon Hill’s water park! 


Then it was off to the beach where the dogs could run off leash…



And  meet other furry friends…


As for stitching…I added on a few more hexagons…but it’s slow go!!  I may have a quilt finished by the time I hit 90… P1190760


That is…If I’m lucky!


Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Beautiful day for a ride and lots of beautiful scenery. It is raining today, so a rest day and hopefully tomorrow we can get out and paddle. Love the mixed hexagons. I always have scraps, so I think I will start on next year and just add to it, as I go and use all different fabrics.


  2. That watering can is so cool! I want one in my backyard! LOL Love you hexagons! :0)

  3. Beautiful photos, Paulette. Thanks for reminding me what a gorgeous city Victoria is. Haven't been to Beacon Hill Park for years, but you've inspired me to check it out again. Those hexagons look like a great scrap project. Perhaps you'll get more done when the weather cools off.

  4. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Beautiful spot to visit.

  5. I love Beacon Hill beautiful ! Thank you so much for sharing the photos...I haven't been there in years. Good to visit again through you!!

  6. Gorgeous pictures. Victoria is on my bucket list. Those hexies are looking great. When you're done, why don't you whip some up for your bloggy friend in Bend? ;)

  7. Hi Paulette,
    It's funny when I saw Victoria I was automatically thinking Victoria Australia?
    Paulette what size are your hexies? I am procrastinating something horrible. I can't make up my mind between little ones into Grandmothers Garden or bigger ones in rows. Do you glue or tack? I am such a newbie and I really need some advice!,
    Stuck Susan

  8. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  9. Looks like a fun day - I want to play under that watering can!

  10. It looks like it was a beautiful day. You are right, Victoria has some beautiful gardens. DH and I spent our honeymoon there, almost 17 years ago. Loved it. Would love to go back some day. Might happen...not to far away in Montana. Hexies are great. I bet you get it done before 90....just a few at a time and they'll be done in no time!

  11. Wow! What gorgeous flowers! And they look so healthy with not a hungry bug in sight! LOVE the watering can in the water park! Your hexagons look fabulous! Some cooler and dryer air finally blew into town here (first since May lol)... so, hopefully your area will get some relief too!

  12. Beautiful gardens! I'm itchin to make me a few of those hexi's...

  13. It looks like a beautiful day at the gardens and the beach!!
    Your hexagons are lovely! Keep going!!

  14. What a beautiful way to spend the day!! Love the hexies too .
    xx, Carol