Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grandmother’s Dream…

The other day I got the sweetest email from Arlene, a local quilter who wanted to share how and why there were NINE Grandmother's Dream quilts in the Crawford’s Quilt Show last week! 

No there was no workshop…just nine ladies interested in making this gorgeous quilt!  It was HOW they made the quilt that was so unique…


Each member in the group purchased eight fabrics of her choice, which she then cut into 2” strips.  She then gave each member in the group 16 strips…enough to make two blocks- a light and a dark.  Now the way I understand it , each quilter used her assortment of fabrics the way she wanted..but she had to incorporate them into her quilt somewhere.   Even though the block construction is the same, each quilter’s layout and border selection was entirely her own doing.   P1190532

There should be special recognition given to Bettye Sheppard of Arizona for her pattern and for her instructions.  Arlene also said that this pattern lends itself very well to make it as a group effort…

P1190534 P1190535

The quilts took the group about 10 months to put together and Crawford’s Farm Quilt Show was the first time that they were all together!  Unfortunately I took pictures of only SIX of the quilts…I don’t know where the other three got to…?  But then I didn’t know at the time that I would be doing a post about them..:o)!  Had I known, I would have tracked down those other three quilts!


You can see that each quilt is very similar but yet very different…


SEW…what do you think?  Have you ever made a group effort quilt?  I am such a control freak that I would have a hard time with this…what about you…?  Something to go on the ol’bucket list?

Thanks so much for sharing, Arlene!  I had assumed that you had all taken the same workshop…just shows you…what do I know…nuttin’!

After several emails went back and forth, it turns out that Arlene is the quilter who bought my friend’s long arm quilting machine!!  Her and her quilting group are banging off quilts left, right and centre!  Now isn’t she a good quilting buddy to have!!

Today I am off to my High School Reunion…for girls only!!  For the last five or six years, we girls have been meeting every summer…and our group is getting bigger and bigger!  This year we are having a Pot Luck dinner at Suzanne’s on the Cowichan River…the same river we use to go tubing down!  Ahh…the good ol’days…the thought of sticking my @** in a tube and floating down a freezing cold, mountain fed river…well it actually sounds kind of…refreshing…Think I’ll pack the bikini..just in case…(:o)  {Now picture THAT one…ain’t pretty is it!}

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. These are AWESOME!!!!!!! Can you post a link to the pattern??

  2. Your post are just the best Paulette! Have fun tubing.

  3. Beautiful quilts! .....and have fun in your bikini!!

  4. What a great story, Paulette. But try as I might, I can't find a source to this pattern that you mention. Can you or Arlene fill in a few more details on that? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the details, Paulette. I was at the same show and managed to get pictures of 8 versions. It's such a striking pattern.

  6. Those are awesome. Would love to know where to buy the pattern.Happy Sunday

  7. Do you have the link for the pattern? These are extraordinary, and all from the same pattern. Beautiful. =)
    Thank you for sharing

  8. That is such a great group project. I loved seeing all of them.

    Have a fun time with the gals.

  9. just beautiful, love all the colorss.

  10. They are stunning jewels sparkling in the sun..
    The borders are what makes them that little bit different..
    Julia ♥

  11. LOL! Can't wait to see your tubing pictures.

  12. They are so beautiful! I'm not sure I could still get my rear end into a tube.....and I know for sure the bikini would never be a smart option for me.

  13. I'm anxious to hear about your tubing adventure!! Our quilting group did "friendship" quilts. Every member of the group created a block int he color scheme that we wanted our finished quilt to be and put it in a bag with our name on it. Every month or so the bags were passed from one to another until we each had created a block for everyone in the group trying to match or accent the original block or whatever color scheme was emerging from the group of blocks. When we had all contributed a block to everyone's 'bag', we got our own bag full of blocks back and had to design a quilt from the 8 blocks. It was great fun and we each had a keepsake quilt when we were finished. It was also a great learning experience, trying to create a quilt without a pattern, just blocks of various sizes. Of course, some of us are procrastinators, so there are only 4 of the 8 quilts completely finished, but most got to the flimsy stage at least! We did decide as a group, if we ever did something similar again, we would decide on a common 'size' for the blocks.

  14. Interesting way to make a quilt. Some of the blocks seem to glow.

  15. What a neat effort. I've found it doesn't work well when done online, but I suppose if you knew everyone it wouldn't be so bad. Though I have found the longer I quilt the fussier I get about my fabrics and the colors etc.

  16. what a stunning use of value! such a pretty effect...

  17. Great job, I was wondering if I could get the pattern so our group and also do this quilt!

    Carol (email address)

  18. Hi, I am looking for directions for Grandmothers Dream quilt. You take 8 fabrics (usually floral) from light to dark, cut them into 2" strips, sew them together, cut them into strips again then "unsew" some and add them to a different block. You have one block from light to dark and one block from dark to light.

    I need the directions on how to "unsew" and how to place the unsewn pieces.

    I have searched the internet and found some pictures but no directions.

    Pictures are here:

    Thanks for any help,