Friday, November 5, 2010

There’s NO place like Home…

..for the holidays…(yes, I’m SINGING this…and it’s not pretty…!)

But what IS pretty is this….Look at what Debbie Fielding is GIVING AWAY as part of the Home For the Holidays Blog Hop-


Gorgeous, isn’t it!!?

Not only can you make it in wool (left side) but you can also make it in cotton (right side).  Debbie is also offering kits at a VERY reasonable price too!  BUT stop…it gets EVEN BETTER…this is going to be a series of blocks!! In two weeks on Nov.19th Debbie is going to post 2 more holiday blocks and then again on Dec. 10th she is going to give us the last block and finishing instructions.  VERY GENEROUS OF HER!!  I think if we don’t start stitching NOW then we are going to be VERY sorry come Dec.10th when we see the finished project!! 

Sew hurry over to Granola Girl Designs and download the first set of instructions…I can’t wait to see YOUR version of this pattern!!  It’s going to be spectacular!!!  Thanks SEW MUCH, Debbie…WE LOVE IT!!

It’s Christmas in BLOGLAND…hustle over to Kaaren’s (Painted Quilt) to see what her FFF (First Friday Freebie) is!!  You are going to like it!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thanks for the tip Paulette. This would look great at our cabin.

  2. Wonderful blog and have her bookmarked so I can see the future blocks. Those would be nice as a runner too.


  3. Thank you so much for keeping us posted! You do such a great job! I love Debbie's block and Kaaren's freebie gorgeous!!!
    If you haven't already been over to inspireco, you might be interested in their Christmas ezine!
    I think it's pretty terrific!
    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Paulette! I just love your blog! Eye candy galore!! Soooo love the table mat you made for your 5th wheel. Gorgeous and it looked fun to make!