Thursday, November 18, 2010


There is nothing like getting a parcel in the mail…especially if you know that it is something quilty…which was the case here!  This lovely bundle was from Green Fairy Quilts!  I won a $30 gift certificate to go shopping…and this is what I bought!  It’s a Layer Cake of Maison De Garance by French General.  LOVE IT!  Reminds me a lot of Rouenneries (my all time favourite♥)…all reds and beige and browns…SEW pretty!P1100576

Thank you so much Green Fairy..I am going to have fun with this little bundle!  (FYI~They are having another Give Away RIGHT NOW!!)

Now this little package was a surprise/shock…it was from Cathi at Shakerwood Blog.  Remember she won the GO! when I gave one away. Well there was a shortage of GO! machines and somehow Cathi’s name kept getting put at the bottom of the list. She was waiting patiently…and I was feeling bad for her…so I wrote a few letters and to make a long story short..Cathi got her GO! and has been playing ever since! :o)  This was her way of thanking me!


SEW SWEET!!  A Shakerwood Woolens Pincushion Pattern!


A pattern for a lovely needle keeper…Cathi’s own designs!!


And fabric to make the pincushion…Cathi sells the patterns and kits to make them.  Look at the hand dyed wool…♥♥♥ LOVE it!!


Sew until I find a candle stick to make my pincushion I thought a little Fall eye candy on my kitchen table would be nice…ahhhh so pretty!!  Thanks so much, Cathi!!  This was so thoughtful of you! 

P1100639 NEWS FLASH!!

I’M RICH!!!   I’M RICH!!!  After posting about this book yesterday, I had SEVERAL comments from quilters trying to buy this book on Amazon….Apparently this Quilting book is no longer selling for $32…but for a lot more…in some cases several hundreds of $$!!  “Get out of here!”…is what I said…at first!  EUREKA!!  I have FINALLY hit the big time!! 


My book is in perfect shape…no crinkles, rips, stains…which for me is unusual!  But wait…I must have loaned this book to a friend because LOOK…my name in PERMANENT FELT PEN front and center!!  RATS!!…I’ll be lucky to get Five Bucks!!  Sheesh..the story of my life! 

BUT I do love this little hexagon quilt and plan to make it…SEW in the meantime… I think I will cover the book with plastic bubble wrap and an air tight Tupperware container and put it in the wall safe with the family jewels (:o)…you know…just in case! If you own this book you might want to do the same thing…I’m just sayin’…

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Easy come, easy go.
    I used to have one of Elly Sinkiewiecz's (or however it is spelled) Baltimore books. One that so many people want and sells for big bucks now. I was not using it and someone asked if I had the book. I just gave it to her. That was before I knew it was out of print and worth some bucks. Now that person bought a home in the mountains (probably with the money from the sale of the book). LOL! And I have not heard from her since.

  2. What wonderful surprises in the mail.
    Love her needle book. I have some books that are worth big bucks, but not in perfect condition. I have seen books with high prices on them and they never get that much, so depends on if you can find the right buyer.


  3. What lovely mail to open! Beats bills! I was recently looking for a book on embroidery and same thing found it on Amazon for just shy of $100.00, GASP!! Then I happened upon said book at my LQS for $34.95 MINE! Apparently Aamazon hadn't told them they were in high demand!

  4. So sweet of Cathi to send you wonderful goodies from her OWN hands! I'll have to ask her if she makes the pincushions and sells them ALREADY made too!
    If I see that book at the LQS (again) I'll have to snag it! wasn't in as good a shape as yours. I think it has been flipped through many times.

  5. I love your new header! And what a great little prize. I love anything French General :-) And what is that I hear? A shortage of GO! machines??

  6. My goodness! Your mail box was just full of awesome goodies. Can't wait to see what you make with your new layer cake! Love that fabric too. French General, whats not to like? LOL! Love the fall wooly mat! Too bad you're not going to make a mint on your book. Next time!

  7. I've had that book on my Amazon Wish List for a while. I guess I need to start paying attention to the prices! I had no idea.

  8. Great goodies and how nice of you to nag GO to honour your giveaway a bit quicker.
    Love the new header photo

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  9. Good for you for writing those letters and glad to hear Cathi finally recieved her GO. Nice gifts to reciprocate your kindness too! I have a quilt kit using Rouenneries and that is on my soon to do list, ok, like so many others!