Monday, November 22, 2010

String’em UP!!

Not the quilt!  The person who STOLE THIS QUILT!!


Compass Quilt - John Sauls Antiques

Would you believe that this antique compass quilt was stolen from John Sauls’s booth at International Quilt Festival in Houston!  Who would do such a despicable act?!! Please keep your eyes open for it and spread the word.  And let John Sauls know if you have any information on its whereabouts:  johnsauls [at] tyler [dot] net.

Now for some GOOD NEWS! 

Dolores (True Blue Canadian Blog) sent me a free pattern…courtesy of McCall’s Quilting!  You Bloggers are the BEST!!  It’s called the Honey Bee Block and doesn’t it look familiar? 


Let me refresh your memory…it is after all Monday Morning…!

Remember this(below)?  It was the block from ‘Birds in the Air’ and was in Barbara Brackman’s  “Unraveling the History of Quilts and Slavery”.  Birds in the Air…it was in a Slave’s quilt representing the act of Freedom and emancipation. 


Love this quilt and love what it represents- freedom!!

Now thanks to Dolores we can make our own version using the McCall’s quilt pattern…only it’s called the Honey Bee block. 

Which leads us to the topic…is there REALLY a truly  original pattern out there?  Seems to me that we have invented the wheel and now we are just doing a variation of it.  Food for thought…so early on a Monday morning…and after only a half a cup of coffee!!

Anyways…if you would like this free pattern then click HERE…I KNOW….I KNOW…Just what we need - ONE MORE project…SEW many projects, SEW little time!!  Thanks so much’re a true blue Canadian!

Have a Marvelous Monday and Happy Qulting!~P


  1. I get sick to my stomach when I think about the person who stole that quilt. I simple don't understand that kind of behavior. Sigh!

    Bloggers are the best - enjoy your new project. teehee

  2. I'm going to look for that book today while I'm at the shop. Love the honey bee block!!

    OMG, I cannot believe someone would steal that quilt! Makes me sick. Hopefully, it will magically reappear!

  3. I remember buying a Honey Bee pattern when I first started quilting over 20 years ago. I cut it out, but was such a new quilter I did not know how to apply the applique :-( It is such a shame about the quilts that are being stolen. There is a website where you can go and see all the missing quilts. Big tears!

  4. I can't believe that anyone who would get access to the festival would be the type to steal. Maybe it is someone who works in the building, not an attendee?

    I think most quilts are remakes of the olders ones with a new spin. We all get our ideas from somewhere.


  5. I hope that this quilt is returned to it's proper place. How sad to have it stolen. I have to tell you that I love that quilt in your blog header- even though it's only a small part, it looks adorable!

  6. Such a despicable act to steal a quilt! There is so much heart and soul put into making a quilt it would be a tragic loss!

    Free is always good and thanks to the quilters out there we always share!

  7. Thanks for the mention Paulette. I wondered what all the extra traffic on the blog was.

  8. Hopefully the quilt is misplaced not stolen.

  9. That is just horrific to have something like that stolen - I hope whoever did it doesn't sleep a wink until they return it. I tend to think of quilt shows like church - everything should be safe with no thieves in the congregation. Sigh. Certainly no legitimate quilter would steal that.

    Dolores is amazing - that's a great pattern! I think there are very few really new blocks, like you said just variations on a theme.

  10. You have to wonder at the mentality of people who can steal something like that don't you? I hope it gets found and returned to it's owner.

  11. How Awful for the quilt to be stolen, it makes you wonder about people but for every 1 bad one there is a 100 nice ones
    Lovely block
    Hugs Janice