Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good News…Bad News…

Good news first~  I just got an email from Patchwork Possibilities and Sew Much More  and this is what Jenn had to say about this book…


“I have happy news! They will be posting the digital copy of the book on Martingale's website by Nov 30th or so. It will be 1/2 the price of the hard copy version. And should be clear and crisp verses the scanned pirated version. (pirated quilt books, what will they come up with next!) The code on the website will be EB753

So there you go…everyone can download a copy for next to nothing!

BAD News~ that means my book is now back to being almost worthless and I am back in the poor house…sigh…the story of my life!

Hope you are having a fantastic day!!


  1. LOL, but good news for us really.
    I love that they are going digital with out of print books, will be nice to have them again and for less. Plus we get them right away, no waiting.


  2. Thanks for forwarding the info! Good to know!

  3. Ahhhh, but you have an actual book you love and will use, and that will be PRICELESS!

  4. As Lisa Marie said, you have an original - and that is always more exciting!

  5. Oh well, you know what "they" say:
    you win some, you lose some, and
    you don't miss what you never had. Don't "they" say some stupid things?

    By the way IT is in Cincinnati now.

  6. You're not poor as long as you have friends like us!! LOL

  7. Great news, thanks for the information! I've marked my calendar.

  8. Oh that sucks. A pirating quilt book ring? Cripes and to think it's hurting you that's really awful the nerve of some people!

  9. I'm not sure about downloadable quilt books. I'm old school I guess and like to just thumb through my books for inspiration.