Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quilt Club Sampling…

As promised…here is a little sampling of the sharing from Cloth Castle Quilt Club…(notice I said sampling…tons of Christmas projects in the works!!)

A lovely wonky string quilt…a good scrap buster!


Now these two know how to strut their stuff…I’m not sure if they took a workshop on vest making or if they just like to dress the same…I was laughing too hard to find out!!


I think she missed her calling…


I LOVE these sweet Rudolph runners made by my friend Dawn!


I need to zoom in for a close-up!  Rudolph never looked SEW good!


I might have to make one of these for me…don’t you think?

This crocheted afghan was made in the 1950’s…isn’t it lovely?  The owner brought it as she is looking for the pattern…does anyone out in blogland know where she can find the pattern or even the name of the pattern?


I got so excited when I heard about these scissors- made especially for rag quilts…that I forgot to take a picture of the rag quilts…and they were SEW darn cute!  The scissors are perfect for rag quilts as the blade is the perfect length and easy grip action. (Made by Fons and Porter.)


Love these socks!! AND they are MY colour…and it IS cold in here…hmmmm…


Tons of lucky people are getting lovely runners for Christmas this year!


See what I mean…I would love to see one of these under my tree…


This is a charity quilt…SEW lovely and soft!

P1100527  Another Charity quilts…love the blocks with the small 20 patch in the middle of the block!  This would work with any fabric… 


And another sweet charity quilt…made from cozy flannel…


A darling little countdown quilt…the grandma is mailing it off to her grandchild as soon as Natasha puts it down…Natasha WILL put it down eventually…


I LOVE this quilt!!  The colours, the block layout and the black sashing…stunning!!  This picture does not do it justice!  P1100533 Let’s zoom in for a close up….isn’t the fabric gorgeous!! Well done, Kathy!!


A  machine appliquéd wall hanging…


Look at the workmanship…lovely!!


No I didn’t put a little ‘somethin’, somthin’ ’in your morning coffee…this is a wonky log cabin…. At first I thought this was blurry but look at the background…

P1100539 So as you stagger out of my blog…I just have one more thing to say…

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. So many pretty things to see! I love all the projects!

  2. What fun! Love all the amazing quilts!

  3. Thanks for sharing! All the projects were delightful.

  4. You are too funny about the log cabin! If you find out the name of the pattern for Rudolph, let us know! Cute cute cute!!!

  5. Wonderful show and tell. Really like the Rudolph Runner. Now off to the sewing room!

  6. What wonderful display of quilts and runners. I love that raindeer there a pattern out there somewhere? Thanks for the morning fun.

  7. Wonderful quilting from your ladies at the guild.
    I need to find some christmas patterns that I like and get going.


  8. Thanks for sharing the quilt parade! I especially like the wonky log cabin! LOL! Made a few of those myself!! HA!

  9. Everything was great, but I love that reindeer.

  10. Lovely quilting items also the socks are great
    Hugs Janice

  11. So many beautiful and funny quilts again!

  12. The quilt is well maintained with the different patch work..Really...The color combination is awesome....I like your creativity...

  13. Thanks for showing off my quilt Sweet P! It was fun to make. Th e original pattern called Pandora's box didn't have the sashing but I knew with my colors it need it!

  14. I LOVE the rudolph cute!

  15. Fabulous show and tell. Thanks for sharing

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  16. Thanks for posting photos from Club, Paulette. I wasn't able to go this month and it was great to see what everyone has been working on.

  17. I love the rudolf table runner. Could anyone tell me where I might purchase it? I would love to make some for gifts. Thanks