Saturday, November 20, 2010

♫Hey, Hey, Paula…♪

…yes, Paula (no blog…but likes to Lurk…♪♫do do- do do♪…(Jaw’s music) sent me this info regarding “Quilts from Grandmother’s Garden”…Paula wasn’t happy with the price of this book so she went right to the horse’s mouth…to the publisher of the "Quilts from Grandmother's Flower Garden". Remember this is the book that costs a zillion dollars on Amazon…


Here is a copy of the reply that she received~(Now if you are sick of reading about this book then skip the blue part! :o)

Unfortunately this is a supply and demand issue, so less expensive copies of this now-rare book are not readily available.  However, we are working as fast as we can to get a digital version up on our website. It will cost half of the original price for the paperback book.  We plan to have the e-book available around the end of November.

Just go to our website around that date and search for EB753 or for the title.  Once you've purchased a digital download from us, you have the option of storing it on your computer, CD, or flash drive, and referring to it there, or printing the patterns as you need them, or printing the entire book.

Thank you for your interest in our products.


Abbi Barden, Customer Service
Martingale & Company
Direct 425.368.1358  | Fax 425.486.7596
Toll-free 800.426.3126 ext. 1358
"A 100% Employee Owned Company"

So there you go!  Now onto the GOOD PART! Paula also sent me pictures of some of the things that she has been working on- so I thought I would share them with YOU, the Blogging World!

This is a  sampler that Paula made in a quilting class.  Just lovely with all kinds of quilting techniques to learn!  A+ to Paula!


This next quilt is called “Lightning Strike”…isn’t it wonderful!!  Such lovely colours and it is perfect with her Mission style headboard!


Just look at this quilting…I want to be able to quilt like this when I grow up!  Sheer perfection!


And last but certainly not least, a gorgeous Disappearing Nine Patch…


Thanks you so much Bloggless Paula for sharing your wonderful quilts!  I think you need to start your own blog…!  Come on, Paula…you know you wanna! 


We had an early dinner last night so that I could get a good start on my sewing projects.  I fired up the GO! and cut out a million Quarter Square Triangles from some left over scraps.  I need to make some table toppers as gifts.  I know this doesn’t look like very many triangles but this is a big containers…it’s an old lasagna container and it holds a lot..P1100644

..see it even has a lid…Someone in Blogland told us how she saves her old cake/dinner trays for storing projects…and she was right!!  They are perfect..Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle…it’s a good thing! 

One of the best features of this GO! die is that before you cut the out the triangles you pair the focal fabric with the back ground fabric (right sides together) so that your triangles are all matched up for you.  All you need to do is pick up the two triangles and sew them together…mindless sewing!

P1100645 Which is what I did…

P1100646 This is how far I got before I ‘put the lid’ on my project!

P1100647 And while I sewed…look what was happening outside!!  YIKES!

P1100648  No that’s not batting….

P1100651 Hey, this is the West Coast…it rarely snows here!!  Remember the Olympics…not a flake fell…they were bringing in snow by the truck load!!


I think it’s time for this Snowbird to head south!!


Have a Super ?Snowy? Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Okay your reference to "Jaws" and lurkers without blogs is too funny. I laughed aloud! I myself impersonated the Great White Shark for about year!! I'm glad Paula shared her story and beautiful quilts with all of us! I can't believe all that snow!!! WOW!

  2. Thank you for sharing "Paula" with us - she has some beautiful quilts. It's time for her to start a blog. Come on Paula do it for US! LOL

    Wow, you've got SNOW and lots of it.

  3. Love that snow! It's so pretty! As long as it's in your back yard and not mine! LOL

  4. Wow look at all that snow. I like the hexagon quilt. How do you get those musical notes on your title?

  5. Paula's quilts are beautiful. Your triangle lasagne looks delicious! - We have some snow here too, for a few days already.

  6. I love Paula's quilts, she does beautiful work and uses wonderful fabrics, love them. I always throw those away, why didn't I think of that, good idea. I need to store my scraps better.


  7. Lightning Strike is my favorite of Paula's quilts that she shared.

    Looks like you got some good sewing time in last night. I was not a participant in the Friday Night Sew-In but I did applique most of the evening.

  8. That's a lot of snow - you'd better get out of town!

  9. ahhh.someone else is old enough to remember Hey Paula...Paula's quilts are quite lovely. I just love the way the GO does triangles too...your storage ideas are great.

  10. WOW! Thank you Paulette for sharing my quilts on your blog. Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments.
    Now I need to go put ice on my head before it gets any bigger.LOL!

  11. I love the Lightning Strike quilt. And the others are beautiful too. Look at that snow. Here in Windsor ON it's mild and sunny and best of all, NO SNOW!!!!! and it's suits me just fine. I probably just jinxed our weather.

  12. Oh yeah I forgot to ask you what you made with all the hsts.

  13. I loved that song...Yay Paula you need a blog so we can visit.
    Thanks for the update of the book,Paulette, can't wait.
    I gave up trying to win a GO so I bought one...Hancock's had a great deal going, free shipping as well...I also got the hexagon I need to get that book!
    Keep us informed Paulette.
    thanks Julia ♥

  14. Paula has some made some lovely quilt!

    Wow! The snow is/was really coming down. It's so beautiful.

  15. Hi Paulette,

    Got a call from my Son in Duncan about the snow last night, he and my 2 year old grandson were sledding in the park at 7:30 am. Being from So Ca it is still and novelty to him! Just raining here. We are hoping it will snow while were are visiting at Christmas. Loving your blog.

    Beth from San Diego

  16. More pictures of great quilts-thanks! I was busy today cutting out the RPTPP fabric and I like my fabric choices. You certainly did get alot more snow than we did here. Off to start sewing because I need to have a project done for quilt club. Wink-Wink!

  17. BRRRR!! I'm not ready for snow just yet.
    Thanks for showing us some of Paula's work.
    I'm anxious to see your tablerunners when they're finished.


  18. Lightening strikes is my favourite of Hey-Hey-Paula's quilts. This time I don't mind you putting a song in my head - it took me back to my youth! But you really didn't need to share all that snow with us!

  19. Yep, Paulette, it is time for us snowbirds to head south. 12+ inches of snow and minus 14 degrees this Sunday morning.

  20. No snow here yet, P.. Loved reading your blog.. Keep on bloggin'LOVED the quilts......