Friday, June 26, 2015

Celest's Village...

You meet the nicest people in Blogland...and when they are quilters, they are doubly nice!!  Take Celest for instance...she made my day yesterday when she sent this picture, along with a note, saying how my wee houses inspired her to make her own wee houses... Are they not the sweetest wee houses, EVER!

Now it was May from Abyquilt's Blog who inspired me to make my own wee houses...I wonder who inspired May?...Do you see the cycle here? Yup...that's what quilters do best...inspire, teach, cheer, encourage... to the point that we HAVE to jump on board!

Quilters inspire other's as simple as that!  That's one of the reasons why Pinterest and Instagram are so popular!  You want to file those inspirational quilts onto 'boards' for easy retrieval...for down the road!

Thank YOU, Celest!  I'm sure your wee houses will inspire others to make their own village!  Let's keep that cycle going!

Wishing you a FUN Friday and happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wow, did she ever get on board! They are wonderful! Makes my little 6 house quilt look very small, but what fun! Have a great weekend! Hugs

  2. So true! It's really neat to hear (and see) when we inspire others. It's truly a big circle in the end.:)

  3. lovely little houses and yes I get so much inspiration from the blogs I follow

  4. Can I move in?!!! So cute!