Monday, June 22, 2015

Heritage Happenings...

I've been bad...very, very bad!  I haven't kept up with the June Happenings at Heritage!  SEW...without further ado, here's what the gals have been up to!

The first few pictures are of our Heritage Garage Sale...bring anything you want to sell!  This happens a couple of times a year and is always great fun!  The rest of the pictures are of the in progress, as well as finished quilts!!  Remember if you click on the first picture, you will get a slide show for your enjoyment pleasure!



These two bags were made to go between the front car added room to put your purse, water bottle or whatever!

That was quite a show!!  Hope you enjoyed!!

Have a great week...and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. wonderful slide show, so many beauties here, and what a great table sale, just as well I was not there would have been so tempted would have needed a lorry to take everything home and a big bank loan!

  2. Did you make any purchases at the garage sale?

  3. So much fun! Love the 'live simply' quilt especially. What a great display.:)

  4. wow what a fun day! So many ideas! hmmmm Have a great Monday. So hot down here!

  5. I am really behind! guess it must be the heat! Have a great Wed! ;-0

  6. Look at all that talent! Thanks for sharing! I have been meaning to ask you...I'm selling some patterns on my blog...did you make the "In the Winter We Can Build a Snowman" quilt from the pattern by Geoff's Mom? I was just wondering. I vaguely remember that you did? Thanks again for sharing! XO