Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hands Across the Water 2015...

It was another wonderful 'Hands Across the Water'...where quilters from all the Islands converge together to celebrate QUILTING!  This year we ventured over to Pender Island!  Wow!!  Did they make us feel welcome!  They ordered up a spectacular day...starting with a ferry ride that was awesome...

This sign welcomed all of the islands....

This was the gift table where we each selected our own little fold out purse.....

Check it out...

...this wee case opened to could hear the gasps as you opened the display case!  We all wanted one...we all NEEDED one!!  We all got one!

Plus we all got to pick one of these little card purses...

They said it was to hold all those quilt shop punch cards...:o))
Of course Pender Island Quilters had their quilt was a group effort quilt showing everything that they loved about their island!

All around the room their magnificent quilts were hanging!  If you click on the first picture you can (hopefully) view them in slideshow format...

Pender Island had a silent auction...which proved to be fun...and yes, deals were to be had!
Plus there were can't beat beautiful fabrics from $5-11 a meter!  The shop keeps their prices low and their customers happy!

And then there was the Quilt Show put on by all the quilters attending~(this is just a short snippet!!)



I know that this was a picture heavy post...but as I said...just a drop in the bucket!  There are tons of VERY talented quilters living on our islands! 

Next year it is our turn to host this special event!  We are already planning what we will eat, what gifts we will make and how we will entertain! We can't wait!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. All are lovely! but I`m lovin` that elephant! Phyllis

  2. Wow! What a great show. The hexagon quilt made of yo-yos is brilliant!

    I love those little needle purses. Were they made from a pattern?

  3. There's like an uncontainable energy when a talented group of Quilter's get together. Fantastic show!

  4. Very inspirational! Looks like a great time.:)

  5. Wow, lots to see here, Paulette! I like that you uploaded all the photos to Blogger for the slide show -- it's so nice to just click through them all. That ferry ride looks wonderful. I can just smell the sea air! Thanks for bringing us along. :D

  6. Oooh! Lots of pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  7. what a great day out you had and those little purses so cute and useful with all those needles. Loved the way the slide show worked some lovely quilts the applique ones were tremendous and really liked the elephant

  8. How cool is that!! Loved the quilts and I saw another Warm Winter Blessings one tucked in there!