Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Do you own one of these Thread Tins?  I have owned mine for over a year...and to be honest I wasn't THAT thrilled with it.  It's to prevent your ball of Valdani/DMC from rolling away from you.  You put your Valdani thread in it and thread it through the hole...and then you find that instead of your thread rolling away on you, your whole can rolls away on you...huh?  I was forever chasing after my tin...
Then at Heritage the other day, Glynis pointed out that there is a magnet on the bottom of the tin!

 EUREKA!!  (did you just hear THAT music?)  

I now LOVE my tin holder!  

The secret is... you team up your Thread holder with a metal box...a pretty metal box, like this one! 

It has to be big enough to hold your 'stuff'...

And tall enough to hold your Tin Threader....

Get out your project...and place your Thread Tin on top of your tin and you are in business!  That Tin Threader is not going anywhere!

Let's put it to the test...nope it's stuck fast!

That magnet is strong...yes, I am lifting up the whole tin case and the weight of everything in it!  

If you have one of these Tin Thread holder then get it out, team it up with an old cookie tin and you are in business! You will never have your thread roll away from you again!

And you and your thread will live happily ever after...THE END!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I guess it does take a village to quilt. Or just a smart friend. Eureka!

  2. What a great idea....I have one of those plastic holders the you get a toy in in a vending machine.....I like your tin better.....I'm going to look for one......

  3. Your tin is cuter, but like Teri, I use the plastic toy container. Last year I found a ceramic yarn bowl with a hole in the side to put the thread through, and it works nicely too. Magnetic? I just ordered a polka dot magnetic pin bowl--should be fun.

  4. One piece of important information is missing...where did you find the thread holder tin?

    I've got some of the plastic holders, but find getting them apart difficult.