Thursday, June 18, 2015

Graduation Gift...

My friend Claire has been burning the midnight oil trying to get her son's high school graduation gift finished!  She took the softest flannels, a simple patchwork design and some big stitch quilting and created this lovely quilt...a quilt that any young man would love and cherish! 
I KNOW that it is a quilt that Andrew is going to love and cherish FOREVER!  Claire worked on this quilt when Andrew was out and about or at school...ohh the things we quilters do to keep our secrets!
Claire has a week to get on the navy blue binding (and label) and present it to him on his Graduation Day...
Then it's off to University for Andrew!  Claire will have another five (or so) years before she whips up her next Graduation quilt! :o)

It's because of Andrew that I know exactly how long I have had the 'Quilting Bug'...

Claire and I met while at Cloth Castle's Quilters' Club night...I was brand new to quilting and she was an old timer...We just happened to sit down beside each other and both started moaning about our backs...turns out we were both teachers...Claire was teaching Kindergarten and I had a Kindergarten/Grade One class!  We agreed that our bad backs were from tying up too many shoe laces and leaning over those wee desks!  Her son Andrew, was also in kindergarten at the here he is all grown up and graduating...and Claire and I are still friends and still quilting!  I use Andrew's growth as my own growth chart!  Twelve years of schooling equals twelve years of quilting and twelve years of a wonderful friendship!

Congratulations, Andrew!  You did us proud!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. A lovely story, P. It's amazing where we meet people and then become such solid friends.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt and i Love the fabrics. Sometimes we sit next to someone and things just click.


  3. a great quilt for a young man and a lovely friendship you have