Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Spring Fling Quilt Shop Hop…

Yesterday you heard about the Hop from Hell…now you have to see the Shops from Heaven…ahhh the lucky Quilters who live around here!!  They have seven wonderful shops at their door step!

Our first stop (when we FINALLY got there) was the Busy Bee Quilt Shop.


Very cute shop and the the ladies working there were VERY nice and friendly…we were their first customers of the day!  I think they were just as excited to see us… as we were to see them!!

Doris and Pauline examined the Busy Bee’s quilt….Each shop gives each ‘hopper’ a free fat quarter and pattern.  This is the quilt that the Busy Bee made using the fabric and pattern that they gave away.


Isn’t this little quilt adorable…He loves me!  He loves me not!  See how each pot loses a petal until there are no petals left.  Very cute!


A block away was the Quiet Mouse Quilt Shop….  Hey we didn’t get lost!!


Lots of lovely quilts hanging…tons of eye candy!


See this baby quilt…I bought the kit for only $11!!  Score! (It was half price!)


I also bought the pattern to make this quilt!


Finally… we arrived at MY personal favourite shop of the Hop!!  I was so excited to get there that I forgot to get my passport stamped and get my free fat quarter!!  I had to run back…I’m such a moron!  Hey girls…wait up!!


Ohhhh….I see a NEW quilt hanging on the wall!  SEW pretty!(Remember I was at the Calico Horse Quilt Shop a few weeks ago with Seattle Judy and Alice…we had such fun!!  If you missed that visit you can still see the shop HERE!!)


Donna (on the right) was behind the counter…I met her last time!  She is the owner of the shop and she is so nice!  Her side kick is Dora (on the left) and I discovered that she reads my Blog!!  I am always surprised, shocked and a little embarrassed when I meet someone who reads my blog.  I just write…send it out ‘there’ and hope someone reads it!  I’m thrilled to actually meet a live person who reads these words!! So “Hi Dora…it was SEW nice to meet YOU!!”


Here’s the Calico Horse Quilt Shop Hop’s pattern made from the Free Fat Quarter Fabric…definitely my favourite!!


The Calico Horse is famous for their Civil War Fabric and quilts…


Several of the ladies at The Sands bought wool kits…The Calico Horse has a great selection of patterns, wool and kits.  Our next quilting day will be a Woolie Wednesday for sure!!


Donna made this sweet little table topper…so sweet!


Our next shop was Stars and Scraps…another wonderful shop!! 


Tons of quilts, wool and patterns!


This is their free pattern using the fat quarter that they gave us!


I loved this little topper so much that I bought one of the kits.  The colours are perfect for my kitchen!


You need to tilt you head to the right in order to see this pretty wool on cotton runner….something else that I need to make!!


Yes, when we arrived we filled the shop!!  Nine of us!  Like a swarm of hungry locusts devouring everything in sight…haha!  But seriously…there’s nothing like a shop hop to bond a group of quilters!!  This coming Wednesday when we all get together we will have a good laugh over our misbehaving GPS and then of course there was that FLAT tire!! (see yesterday’s post)  Why is it so funny after the fact?!


Our last stop was in Hemet…such a cute shop!


The Cotton Lane Quilting Shop is small but cute.  I could see lots of improvements from last year-the walls were painted and the inventory has expanded.  This shop is going to be like a fine wine…it’s getting better with age!


I must have been losing steam…forgot to take pictures…Sorry about that!  But I think you get the idea.  I also forgot to take pictures of us having lunch in Corona…so good!!  I was too busy chowing down!!  So all in all a wonderful time was had by all…and of course all of our bags were full!!  I’ll give you a peak inside my bag tomorrow!!  I’ve got to milk this Fling for all it’s worth!!

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a great show and I do love that love me quilt.


  2. My header has that "loves me, loves me not" quilt that I made for a granddaughter several years ago. Your shop hop looks and sounds like such fun. Must be time for our bee to get out on the road again and visit a few that are in our area.

  3. Love that "Pushin' Up Daisies" runner. Can you tell me who the pattern designer is? Thank you!


  4. What a great bunch of photos...the gals in Ca. sure have a selection, I am so jealous. How does the US inventory and prices compare for you in Canada?

  5. Love the table topper kit that you bought. Looks like some really great shops.

  6. I am SEW jealous! But, your pictures help ease the "pain" of not being able to be there in person. Great Photos!


  7. Wow....eye candy over load....that made it all worthwhile I am sure!!!

  8. What a wonderful way to spend the day, detours and all! My favorite quilt shop closed several years ago and I have to drive a bit to go to one now. And my husband wonders how I can spend so much time in a fabric store! Silly man.

  9. Your pictures are almost as much fun as being there --thanks for taking us along. I clicked on lots of the pictures so I could take it all in -- just fabulous. And remember a good story is better than a good time- and somehow I think you got both out of this adventure - take care!

  10. wow..lots of shops in a amazing ...drooling too..hahaha... looks like alls well ends well...good shop hopping girls..

  11. Thanks for sharing your quilt shop adventure and pictures.

    Awesome shops!

  12. Hi Paulette! It was sew nice to meet you too! Hope you girls had a good time on the Spring Fling!

  13. looks like you all had a 'flinging' good time!! much fun!!!

  14. sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day! I dream of those days!

  15. What inspiring photos--- how could anyone have quilter's block after seeing them!!!