Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woolie Wednesday….

Recently I was involved in a Round Robin Pin Cushion Swap with two gals who read my blog but don’t have blogs of their own. They live in Oregon and we we’ve become good blogging buddies.

Marie and Synthia’s  Round Robin Pin cushions are done and I just got the word that they received it’s safe to share what I stitched!! 

Synthia’s pincushion had a patriotic theme going on…now that’s a hard one for a Canadian to work on. So I played it safe and went with the American flag…


..throw on some gold stars and some red dots and I could (almost) hear the National Anthem playing in the background!


Marie’s pincushion had a Spring theme happening…now this I can relate to!!  The flowers and lamb were already there so I added a  little red wagon full of Easter eggs, stitched some daffodils and a vine of little pink flowers…throw on a couple of lady bugs and a sweet little butterfly and I called it a day…a Spring Day!


Sure hope they liked what I stitched! 


Ahhh Spring…wonder if the daffodils are blooming back home??  Oh, oh…am I getting homesick?  While I ponder that…

Hope you have a Woolie Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Those are wonderful pincushions, I'm sure your friends are thrilled. I know I would be.

  2. I see you went with the American flag. Both pincushion starters are wonderful. It was through a pincushion round robin that I met you.

  3. I hadn't realized how much detail one could achieve with wool! Such beautiful projects.

  4. Beautiful pincushions, I always love seeing how you all decorate them.


  5. Nicely done Paulette,

    It will be fun to see the finished projects once they get home to their owners.

    Thanks for the update.

    Sandi in New Westminster, where you are missing some amazing thunderstorms, crocuses, snowdrops. Daffodils are pushing up and starting to bloom with tulips not far behind.

  6. You always do such beautiful work with the wool. I am sure they will love them.
    I am also missing home. We will be leaving Mesa Friday and starting the trek home. Only 15 more days.
    Again, Thanks for sharing.

  7. You ladies always do a great job with those pincushions. It's a lovely way to share as well.

  8. Oh job well done - that little wagon is ADORABLE!!!!!

  9. I live right around the corner from the Vantreight daffodil fields in Saanichton, and yes, they are blooming. So are the crocuses, snowdrops, primulas, cherry and plum blossoms. It is really starting to look like spring.
    Your little red wagon is so cute. I know your friend will love your additions to the pincushion.

  10. Beautiful Stitching Paulette!
    Yes, last week when I was in Victoria and Duncan/Cowichan, not to mention Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum, the fruit trees are in bloom and the daffodils are out.
    Spring is on the way!
    Take care, Leslie

  11. you will be home soon enough!..the crocus's are up in our neighbourhood..they showed Mount Washington on the news tonight!..57 feet of snow this winter!..they were closing some of the chairlifts because the skiers were too close to the chairs as they went that is alot of snow!..I say enjoy the fun in the sun as long as you can!!!

  12. The woolie pincushions are looking great. Enjoy the sun. We've got rain now.

  13. So much detail! Wool is a beautiful fabric. The colors are so vibrant. :)

  14. You gals do such a great job of your handwork.

  15. The pin cushions are just adorable. I wouldn't want to use them at all, just admire as I passed them by.
    You better get home as you will miss the beauty of BC spring.
    Imagine that much snow melting off Mount Washington. Sounds like there could be flooding as teh weather warms doesn't it?