Friday, March 4, 2011

The Village Quilt Shop

Yesterday Mr. Sweet P and I drove to Big Bear Lake which is a 2 hour drive up into the mountains…Big Bear Mountain to be exact!  Spectacular scenery…lots of HUGE boulders, pine trees and SNOW…lots of snow!!  The town of Big Bear Lake is a picturesque Ski Town…reminding me a little of the town of Lake Tahoe.

We were driving down main street when I spotted this shop so of course yelled… “STOP the truck!”  Whooptee-do…a Quilt Shop!


Darn…a quilt shop…not a quiltING shop!  It was still fun shop to poke around in….


Lots of eye candy…and a VERY nice lady behind the counter…she told me to fill my boots taking photos! Anything to bring in  more customers!


This little guy gets a belly rub from all the customers!  He knows how to work the crowd!


Lots of lovely, gorgeous quilts and little hooked rugs.


I loved this simple white/taupe quilt with machine embroidery around the border…effective, don’t you think?


I thought this little framed Family Tree quilt was interesting.  There were little plastic pockets on the tree for names or pictures.


Yes, it was a lovely little quilt shop…lots of great ideas on use of patterns and colours…


but alas no fabric, patterns, books…sigh…but all in all a sweet little shop.!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. On "The Bold and the Beautiful" soap opera....the Foresters own a cabin at Big Bear. On the show, seems like something monumental always happens when the characters visit there. A couple of babies being born unexpectedly, a character getting lost in the snow, etc.

  2. I'm pretty sure they have a quilt shop up there because I "know" a blogger who lives up there and she has mentioned it. I think you need to make another trip! LOL

  3. Looks like a shop I could spend some time in. :)

  4. The quilts were beautiful, too bad that they were not examples of kits you could purchase. It looks like a fun place to browse.

  5. Looks a lovely shop - to bad the owner could see the advantage of kits for all of those quilts! Looked like a great fun day, except Mr. Sweet P needed to bring a coat/sweater!

  6. nice shop! expensive were those quilts???..glad you both had a lovely day!!

  7. I had to laugh, I do the same thing but I will go....oh...quilting husband will, you can sure sniff out those shops...but rarely does he stop because usually we are headed to do something...and when we go back to find the shop...can't find it...we did that this last trip...oh well...easy on the pocket book.

  8. Looks like you are really enjoying your time with new friends..Loved the shop and how do you like the yoga?? Have thought about a class but not sure I would like it?