Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew In…

Reporting in


This is what I got done before I petered out…


I just need to stitch a few more little areas and the first block to Settler’s Pride is done!!

BEADING with BEST of them~

Yesterday morning Sandy and I had a little beading party where we worked on making watch bracelets!  We found a shady spot right up against the hedge and tried to stay out of that hot sun.

My husband snuck up on us…see the bracelet is already on…


Sandy and I went to the BEAD SHOP the day before and when we saw a sample watch bracelet in the display case we said EUREKA- this will be our project for this year!!   Even better- it is so easy no lesson will be needed! So we each bought the watch part and the lobster claw clasps (we had the beads)….and we were off!

My beads are green, copper and brown fresh water pearls and went great with the copper coloured watch.  This picture does not do it justice…if I do say so myself!Flirt male


Sandy chose a medley of copper and green nugget beads…she had one more strand to do.  Can’t wait to see it finished!!   It’s going to be gorgeous!


It has become a camping tradition to spend a day or two beading together on a project!  We both loved this years project a lot!!  VERY easy!  You need three or four strands of beads with lobster claws at each end.  Hook them on the ends of the watch and done!


Yes, Sandy and I will be fashion show plates when we get back home! Winking smile

AND there was a HAPPY ENDING for this stray little dog who has been wandering around the RV Park for the last few days.  He was finally captured by our neighbour…there was lots of talk about phoning the Pound but someone said if the Pound couldn’t find a home they would put him down…(In Desert Hot Springs there are tons of stray dogs wandering the streets…or at least I think they are sad!)


Enter Dave who is a full time resident at our Park.  He decided that his little Chihuahua, Charlie needed a little brother.  Anyways here they are~ Charlie meeting his new brother for the first time.  I told Dave he should go with a Royal Family Theme when naming him…after all he already had a Charlie…  Dave smiled and said Harry was a PERFECT name for him…that way Charlie is still first in line for the throne!!

(Harry is the one on the leash, Charlie is slightly browner.)


Here’s little Harry after a much needed bath and sporting a new collar. Dave seems quite smitten with little Harry …and vice-a- versa.   Let the good times roll! 


And they all lived happily ever after!  Don’t you just LOVE a happy ending!!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting~P!


  1. Very nice on the watch and great on the puppy! He will be living in royalty soon!

  2. So glad for Harry!! Your watch is very nice!!

  3. So sweet. And I love your watch....I'll have to unbury my beading stuff...somewhere....

  4. Loving the beads, what a good idea, I like something different. Sooo glad Harry has a happy many dont get that chance. Hugs Linda

  5. I love your settlers Pride block and the beaded watch bands are beautiful, but the story of little Harry tugged on my heart strings this morning. I hope they live happily ever after.

  6. What a lovely story, Paulette. I love happy endings. Also love your beautiful beaded watch bracelet. Looks like a lot of fun on a warm day. Wish we had a few warm days here. Oh well, Sunday is the first day of spring so maybe the weather will change. Judging by the forecast however, it looks like cool temps and more rain.

  7. Your stitching on your wool block is fantastic! I love the happy ending for Harry. He's a lucky pup.

  8. Lucky Harry!

    So you have beads in your RV too. Do you have room for pots and pans and dishes or just fabrics and craft items? I have not been into beading. I am afraid to start another craft.

  9. What a sweet story .. looks like Harry has found a wonderful home.

    And the waters are great.

  10. I have no patience for beading or jewelry making, too many little parts, lol. It is amazing what a little love will do for a pup, he sure looks happy.


  11. Your block is great and I LOVE your new watch/bracelet! Very pretty! So glad Harry got such a wonderful new home, I just adore happy endings.

  12. Busy girl! Love the block, that wool on the front hill is gorgeous! Love the watch idea too that is so unique. And lastly I am so happy for Harry! I love a good ending.

  13. I love your new watch bracelet. I've never done beading, but you sure make it look like fun!

  14. Your wool block is wonderful. The watch face is a find and the beading looks great. It's nice that someone adopted the lost pup.

  15. I love a happy ending!..nice work on the block...the beads and the dog rescue!!..what a day you all had!!

  16. I LOVE the watch strap.

    I also love a story with a happy ending, so it was lovely to read about Harry too.

  17. I love your watch bracelet. I've been eyeing some I saw at Cracker Barrel last time we were there - I keep telling my husband we need to go back for breakfast but the watch is what's most on my mind. :) blessings, marlene

  18. Oh that is the perfect ending for Harry....
    Love the watch braclets :)