Thursday, March 17, 2011

AccuQuilt’s Barn Quilt…

Bloggland is all a buzz with the talk of Accuquilt’s Barn Block Competition…AS they should be!!  Imagine winning $1000 to spend at the AccuQuilt Shop!  Oh man, I could do some serious damage!!image

And that’s not all, the first place winner would also get to pick a quilting buddy (husbands surely wouldn’t want to go…) to travel to AccuQuilt for the design unveiling!!  How cool would that be?  Now I’m not sure where AccuQuilt is located but I’m sure it’s some place REALLY great!!  And I’m sure that they would treat you like a Queen!

Second place winner would get a $250 AccuQuilt Gift Certificate and 3rd place gets $100 AccuQuilt Gift Certificate!  Both these prices are nothing to sneeze at!  Ahhhh more AccuQuilt GO! dies!!

SEW what do you have to do to win?  Just design a Barn quilt block for AccuQuilts headquarters…sounds simple doesn’t it?  Click on my sidebar’s AccuQuilt Barn button to learn more about it…

BUT before you do that…have a look at what I worked on yesterday…YES, it’s the first block to Settler’s Pride!!   I’m seriously in love…P1120108

This is the block that goes right in the middle of the quilt…and how appropriate…it’s the HOME!  I have a picture of my grandparents standing in front of a house VERY similar to this one taken out on the Saskatchewan prairies. Their homestead… I love that picture as it was taken around 1913- my mom was just a baby and was being held by her mother.  I know it was a favourite of my mom’s too!  OK, enough of this OR I will be blubbering in my morning coffee…

And then I auditioned the thread…Can you guess what I did while watching American Idol on TV last night?


Ahhh, don’t you love working with wool?  WHAT YOU HAVE NEVER WORKED WITH WOOL?  Well don’t just sit there…I’m sure your hubby must have some old wool jackets hanging in the closet!  Cut them up and make something great!!  Besides it’s getting too warm for him to be wearing wool…and he won’t notice that they are missing until next Winter…it’s a win, win situation! 

Speaking of WIN, WIN now is the time for you to go and check out the AccuQuilt Contest…just click on the AccuQuilt Button….GO! NOW!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I am seriously in love with that Settler's Pride pattern too!

  2. Love that block and the wools you used, that is going to be beautiful.


  3. Lovely fabric choices Paulette,

    Have you seen/tried Aurifil Lana Wool? I'm addicted to it it is 50%wool, 50% polyester and is nice to stitch with.

    I also like using Perle Cotton 8 or 12 by DMC.

    Can't wait to see what your next blocks look like.

  4. Oh...Your house and threads are just beautiful!!!

    I have been blubbering in my coffee for almost a year since my mom passed away! Go ahead and tell us your stories and blubber~ :)

  5. Great pattern - great colors! I totally love working with wool and since my husband doesn't wear wool (he's the best personal heater I could ever have) I bought men's wool jackets at the thrift store. blessings, marlene

  6. Love the little cabin!
    "Everyone" seems to be working with wool these days and making some wonderful things. I have not yet. I have this burning question that perhaps you won't mind answering. How do you protect these wonderful creations from moths? This is a serious problem in my area. I have moth traps in my house, but there are always those few that prefer my wool. I would hate to expend a lot of time and effort on a piece only to have moth damage in the middle or nibbles on the edges, y'know?

  7. Now I'm inspired to make a block for the Accuquilt contest! Thanks for the heads up. I already drew up a block in EQ. I'll remember you when I win, LOL

  8. Love it..I have wanted to do this one for a while..but need to wait.