Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Full Time RVing…

We have met a lot of Full Time RVers this year.  These are people who have sold/rented their houses and have taken to living in their RVs full time…ALL year…sometimes for years and years…traveling around with out a care in the world! 

Personally I could never, ever do this…WHAT leave my house and home behind forever…WHAT…leave my SEWING ROOM??  NEVER!!  (I have REALLY missed my sewing room!!!)

But this isn’t about me…it’s about… 

Debbie and her husband Bill!


Four years ago they rented their house and hit the road in their new 40’ 5th wheel…and they have not looked back!!  And who would look back when you see how cute Debbie has decorated their 5th wheel!

I mean really, wouldn’t you love to have your morning coffee and breakfast at this little table…how cute is this!!


Here’s the living room and part of the kitchen…


Over the kitchen cupboards Debbie painted faux bricks…


Debbie hand painted this clock..right from scratch.  Bill cut a circle out of a piece of wood and presto chango!  Deb turns it into a master piece!


Before Debbie retired, she use to own a window treatment shop…and you can see evidence of this throughout their 5th wheel.  The first thing she did was rip out the new curtains and blinds and put in her own!


Aren’t they pretty…soft striped fabric with covered buttons and bound with a black and white check and a matching valance!  Love it!


Let’s zoom in for a close-up!!  So pretty!


Remember Debbie is a painter…and needs a corner to do her thing! And what a corner she has!!  She has almost finished her pelican painting…and look at her gorgeous space…


See the covered table?  Debbie is really hiding her work table…


..ta-dah!  This is where she stores all of her paints, canvas and artisty stuff!  Pretty clever!!


Take the top off and she has a nice work area where she can get down and dirty!


One of her finished painting…isn’t Debbie talented!!


I love this…Deb has painted birds on the wall right above the window…P1130086



..SO cute!


A lovely faux finished table…all the touches of a home…on wheels!


I’m NOT showing this to Molly and Rylie…they might get ideas!!  It’s a recycling water dish…all the comforts of home for the doggies!


I guess this sign means don’t open this door!!


And look at the bedroom~  it’s a tropical paradise!  Debbie has painted a mural over their bed…complete with parrots so real that I wouldn’t be surprise if they found some bird droppings on their pillow every morning!!  AND such pretty pillows too!!


Even the toucans look cozy!


Hmmm…wonder what the parrot is looking at??


I think what I’m trying to say is that Debbie and Bill have turned their RV into a full time home…


…a lot more than just a roof on wheels!!  Happy travels to you both!


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SANDY!!  Hope it was a good one!!


Here’s Sandy unwrapping her presents…just keep’em coming!!  (The presents that is…NOT the years!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS~What do you mean it’s my LAST Clubhouse Quilting DAY!!  Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Surprised smile


  1. WOW.....that's an amazing RV!! It is truly a home. We have a trailer that I love to take trips in...think I need to get busy and spruce it up a bit. Nice to find your blog.

  2. I love how she customized her trailer, beautiful painting. I could go for that with a big trailer and lots of money;)


  3. Beautiful home on wheels!

    You guys have had quite an adventure. LAST clubhouse quilting day? Bet you'll be back next year to such a fun and beautiful place!

  4. One day that will be me and my husband, full time RVing. I will figure out how to accommodate my sewing room into the RV as well. Might have to have everything in boxes underneath in the storage area,, but it will be there with me. I am so jealous. Who knows, maybe by the time we get to go, they will be loooking to upgrade, and we can buy their RV used, with all the gorgeous painting in it. Love the painting, wish I could paint too!!

  5. Wow what an amazing RV. And Debbie is an incredible artist. But all in all, I don't think I would ever want to travel full time. I am such a homebody ;-)

  6. Love how you personalized your RV... Camping and RVing is a great way to see new things and meet awesome people. My sewing machine is always in our camper with many projects to work on.

  7. Wow, Debbie really has a talent at painting!!!!!! I'd love to have her pain a pic of my dogs! Love how she has put her touches this home! Spose you'll be heading home soon! Save traveling.

  8. She has really made their RV their own with all her decorative painting and other touches. Me, I would have the RV full of fabric, sewing machine, tools, quilts, etc. and have no place to cook or sleep. I know of a lady who stored fabric in her guest room shower (house not RV). That would be me if I had to confine to a small space. My kitchen cupboards would be full of fabric and not cans.

  9. Guess renting/selling your house is an option that I didn't think of. But like you, could I really give up my sewing room.... even as pitiful as it is right now? I don't think so!! Still .....

  10. I need to move in with Debbie and Bill! Will they have room for my sewing and cutting table???

  11. I need to move in with Debbie and Bill! Will they have room for my sewing and cutting table???

  12. Wow! Thanks for the open house! That was fun.

  13. I've known a handful of 'fulltimers' and they really enjoy that way of life. Thank you for sharing Debbie & Bill's home sweet home.

    Every now and then I think I would enjoy doing it, too.

    Your final Club House Quilting day - oh no!!!! Have fun!

  14. Wow, what a home she's created! 40 feet sounds huge at first blush, but in quilting terms it sounds like teeny minis, all handworked! I thought the faux bricks were amazing until I saw the robins; then I almost fell out of my chair. Your friend is incredibly talented!

  15. I would dearly love to do this - especially in such a beautiful RV as what Debbie's done! She is incredibly talented!

  16. What a great trailer...fantastic!
    I, too, could never travel full time. I love getting away, but always love going back home too.

  17. You all are making me blush....thank you for your warm and wonderful comments and thank you Paulette for sharing our home and my creations with your readers. I feel so honored and so blessed. Thanks again!

  18. What a wonderful home Debbie has made, her decorating is amazing.

  19. Great RV digs for sure and those curtains are just cool, cool cool! Sorry to hear this is your last quilt day at the club and for me too as I love to live through your camera.

  20. thanks for the great tour!! all the decorative touches!!

  21. What a lovely story, I realy enjoyed it...

  22. Rylie looks like she wants to share in the celebrating :)
    Love what Debbie did to her RV...what cool touches