Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Quilter’s Bible…

…review is in…and the results are unanimous…IT’S GOLD!!

Last week I received an email from Leyane asking if I would like to review Linda Clements’ new book ‘The Quilter’s Bible’…I would get to keep the book when finished…would I do it??…WELL..does rain fall? …do the desert winds blow? YES!!  OF COURSE I WOULD!! I mean really…it’s my CIVIC duty!  It’s the least I can do!!  I will do it for the good of the Quilting World…!!!Open-mouthed smile

Anyways the book arrived promptly and I loved it right from the start…I mean just look at the cover!!  A gorgeous scrappy summer quilt on the cover…sheer perfection!


And it got better with each page…

Lots of eye candy…lovely quilts…


..lots of gorgeous yummy quilts and their patterns with step to step instructions…


..and each step has wonderful pictures for visual learners…like ME!!


The Quilter’s Bible is MUCH MORE than just a pattern book…it’s also a HOW TO do it book!  It would be the perfect book for the new quilter but it also has techniques and procedures for the advanced quilter!

The format of the book is simple…here’s what it is…eg. Using Sashing…backed up with lots and lots of examples…


And here is how to do it…The Technique…and not just one example of how to do it but SEVERAL!


AND this book has got EVERYTHING in it…backed up with pictures…lots of pictures!!  Lynne makes the most technical quilting procedure look easier and do-able!!  And if you don’t get it one way you will certainly get it the other way…remember there is always an alternate way to do things!  I guess that’s why this book is so thick!  She has condensed everything into 256 pages!

Yesterday, I took this book to Clubhouse Quilting with me…and I passed it around!  All the quilter’s agreed…they thought the book was wonderful…in fact several quilters wrote down the title and the author so that they could get their own copy! 

As Gwen was flipping through she came upon this page…low and behold look what she found!!  The very project that she was working on..


…only this version had a double point star and much clearer instructions!!


Yes, Gwen was one of the quilter’s who jotted down the name and author of this book!!

You might want to do the same thing…that’s The Quilter’s Bible by…


…Linda Clements! 

This book will not be going onto my book shelf with the rest of my Quilting Books…this one is going to become my reference book…. It will stay nice and close for easy and quick referrals…Yup this book Is GOLD and will stay nice and close!!

Thanks Leyane…for letting me review this book…it was totally MY PLEASURE!! 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting~P


  1. What a great book - we quilters all look for the ONE book we can get terrific use out of, and the ONE book we can haul around in the RV! With that book and then the Quilters Travellers Companion, I think that you are good to GO.

  2. This looks like the perfect book to challenge our skills as quilters! It looks as if it is full of techniques I have not yet tried and and always wanted to master. I will be on the look out for it.

  3. Looks like a great book. Good review too.

  4. You are one lucky quilting Lady! The book looks like a must have reference. Thanks for sharing your review.

  5. Thanks for the review. It looks like one of those books I just have to have. Amazon here I come!


  6. Oh that is lovely! At first I thought I had the book...but the one I own is called the Ultimate Quilting's nice too! =)

  7. looks like a great book..a must have!!!

  8. That looks like a great book, thanks for telling us about it.

  9. Lucky looks like a fab book. As a "self taught" artist myself, I know how important a good book with clear instructions and lots of photos can be!