Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Start Spreading the News…quietly…

Pilot has come out some new Gel Pens that are fantastic fabric marking pens!!  They are incredible…and the good news is they are made for paper, you can find them at Staples and they are only $2 each!!  Shhh…if word gets out that they are great for marking fabric then you KNOW what will happen…the price will go sky high!

This is what the packaging looks like…they come in sets of three for $6.  They also come in packs of only black rather than the three colours.P1110988

All three colours flow easily onto the fabric….


To remove the ink just a tap of the iron (2 seconds) and…


..like magic..the words are gone!


No where on the package does it say that they can be used on fabric but it does say that they are THERMAL SENSITIVE.  The pens also have an eraser that will remove the ink but the iron is faster, easier and makes you feel like a magician!  Presto!  Gone!  You can REALLY impress the grand-kids when they come over!!


Remember…it’s our little secret!!  (If you can’t find them at your Staple’s store then try another Staple’s…the first one that I went to  didn’t have any but the second store had tons!)

Yesterday morning I went to make our bed and look at our little Rylie…I don’t know…do you think she likes RV living??P1110977

Yup, I gave her an extra half an hour in bed…that’s what the good life is all about!!  Ahhh…nothing like living the life of Rylie!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I love the pens also but I use them sparingly. I've heard, but I've not experienced the rumor that the color comes back in cold weather. (This is what I heard from one of the customers at the shop). I conducted a very unscientific test at home. I marked a sample piece of fabric, put it in my freezer for several days and the marks didn't return.

    Also, I use wool batting in most of my quilts. Wool batting becomes flat and stiff when ironed. So as much as I love these pens, I won't be using them to mark a quilt prior to quilting. Just a word of caution.

  2. Thanks for that awesome tip on the pens!! I'm running out now to try them!!

  3. Hi! I heard about these earlier, but have also heard the color returns when cold. Here is a blog post PamKitty Morning did on these:

    Guess it is like all new marking tools, have to try it out on a scrap before you use it on something good!

    Sandy A

  4. Trust a dog to find the best places, Sam usually finds his way into our bed most mornings.....

  5. Hi
    I never heard of these pens before, but I am sure going to look for them! I use eraseable pens all the time at work, so you know that a fabric one would be right up my alley.

    Rylie!! You look so comfortable!

  6. Very cool, thanks Paulette!! You're always keeping us in the loop!

  7. I got the all black pack when I got mine, I didn't think I needed the red and blue. Aren't they great?

  8. I wonder if it's the same ink from receipts. When they get left in the sun or car it disappears never to be seen again (usually before being recorded in my case!) As for not wanting to iron, I wonder if the dryer would have the same effect?

  9. I have one of those pens in my bag of tricks. I forgot I had one and used an old pink marking pencil on my last quilt. Wish I'd remembered this pen. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. They look very interesting! Thanks! Love the life of Rylie! Have a happy day!

  11. Does the residue leave eventually? Or does it stay there.......

  12. I just ordered some from Amazon yesterday as we don't have a staples. I had read about using those pens on a stitchery site. If you don't want to use an iron to remove the ink, they suggested a hair dryer. I can't wait for mine to arrive!

  13. That is so stinkin exciting! Thanks for "quietly" sharing the news!!!!

  14. Oh cool! I will look for those pens!

  15. I can still see the words in the fabric, lol.
    I use an old black art pen, that way it is lighter than a new one, so just enough to mark my backs on hexagons, but dark enough to see for sewing.


  16. Thanks so much for that very neat tip! I'll have to see if we have those at our staples. Riley looks like I wanna look!

  17. I tested these out several months ago. After putting the test fabric in the freezer, the marks came back. YMMV.

  18. the life of Rylie!..what a lucky dog!!..I, too want the life of your two 'furkids'!

  19. Oh wow! Can I really get these from Amazon? They sound just the ticket. I must look.

    I have an unfinished quilt because I got fed up trying to make marks I can follow. It's large and hand stitched all the way and I use a 'stencil' cut out to mark the quilting pattern. I just got fed up trying to find a pen that works. I'm scared to start anything else until I finish this project because I tend to end up with a whole stack of WIPS, (works in progress), and nothing finished.

    Thanks for this tip.


  20. thanks for the tip, guess wgo's going shopping !!!

  21. Rylie looks so cute and comfortable. No wonder she doesn't want to get up.