Thursday, March 10, 2011

Club House Quilting…

It may have been hot outside but inside we were cooking…in the cool comfort of the air conditioner! 

Pauline was humming away working on this stunning quilt!  The pattern is called Waffles…but it’s way too nice to be called this!


She is using batik fabric in bright vibrant colours!  Much nicer than my camera can do justice to…


I just love these blocks…reminds me of a basket weave ...not something you pour syrup on!


See what Anne has been stitching!  Log Cabins done in black and white prints with a punch of colour in the middle…


Check out the pattern.  The log cabins are on the outside forming the star points and inside is….


..this gorgeous centre…another star inside a log cabin with an appliqued wreath around it!!  This quilt is going to be stunning!  I will keep you posted!!  Knowing Anne it will be finished and quilted by next Wednesday!


Our newest member, Mary is new to quilting.  This is her first quilting project and she did a wonderful job!!


Oh, she’s hooked alright!!  Today she worked on these matching place mats and had no difficulty what so ever! 


Seattle Judy looks VERY please with her finished baby quilt…as she should be!  It is so cute and will be perfect for either a baby boy or a baby girl!


She had it professionally quilted and it’s wonderful!!  A very lucky baby will snuggle under this quilt!!  (Judy bought the fabric- a jelly roll from The Green Fairy On Line shop.)


This lady (her first time with us) turns old fur coats into the cutest teddy bears!!


Adorable or what!!


So as you can see we had a BEARY good day!  I know, I know…lame…but I couldn’t resist!!

We are all taking part in the Spring Fling Quilt Shop Hop today…SEVEN quilt shops here we come!!  Nothing like a good Quilt Shop Hop to get the blood pumping!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The first quilt does look like colorful waffles.
    Sewing with your little group must be fun. Makes me want to buy an RV and join you.

  2. Nice basket weave. Could be the top of a lattice on PIE, can you tell I'm hungry?! Waffles sound good too. Have fun Shop-hopping!

  3. Oh my goodness...lots and lots of fun things going on over it!!

  4. Thanks for introducing us to some new patterns, Paulette.

  5. The quilts are so beautiful. I just love the log cabin.
    I have been looking for someone to make a bear out of my moms mink shawl. Does she make them for other people?
    Thanks for sharing Paulette.

  6. Very nice quilts, Yay for a new quilter!

  7. Those 7 shops won't know what hit them!

  8. You guys have too much fun! Enjoy your hop!

  9. once again all your 'desert sands quilting gals' have given you a ton of pictures for your blog! the log cabin one!..the black and white is so beautiful!!!..oh, heck all the stuff is fantastic!!!

  10. Some more lovely work going on in your clubhouse.

    I hope you remembered your camera when you went hopping all over the place?