Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Question Is…????

My most frequently asked questions after going to a Shop Hop or a Quilt Show is… “So what did you buy?”  I know that many of you are sitting there…waiting and wondering…after getting lost several times and then experiencing a flat tire on a VERY busy California FREEWAY.. was the Spring Fling Quilt Shop Hop really worth it?  Well you be the judge….

Here’s the loot~

This pattern came with thangles…I want to give them a try…and the quilt is gorgeous!


Yard cuts of homespun cottons to add to my stash…


I have a quilt in mind so I need to start collecting some grey civil war fabrics…


A little FQ packet of civil war prints…you can NEVER have too much of this stuff!


A little kit to make…


…this little table topper.  It’s very cute made up!


A snowman stitchery pattern.


Some background stitchery fabric in the mottled beige and a cream.


Two yards of some white/cream snow fabric…perfect for winter stitcheries…


This yummy stack of Civil War fabric from Calico Horse.  Each little FQ came rolled up so I unrolled them and put them in into their colour families.  Yikes!  They are just too pretty to cut up!


This little kit to make the ABC quilt shown early- it was half price so was only $11!!


And because we went to SEVEN shops we each came home with seven FQ from the Bliss on Blossom Street fabric line.  Each shop gave us a FREE FQ and pattern to go with it!!  How sweet is that?


SEW…what do you think?  Was it worth getting lost several times…was it worth having a flat tire on a busy Californian Freeway?  YOU BET!!  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!!  It felt a little like being on the Amazing Race…one obstacle after another…but we persevered, finished the race and came home with the booty!  Yay we won, we won…that is until the Visa bill comes in…!!  But that’s for another day…

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I think it was worth it! Any new fabric is worth some adventure! :)

  2. Oh yes, it was worth it! You are going to love the Thangles.

  3. I followed your adventure and the struggles just made your finds that much sweeter.

  4. Wow! I'm so jealous that you got all those Civil War fabrics. Your adventure was sooo worth it. Now the fun really begins; finding just the right pattern, cutting into the fabrics and sewing up those quilt kits. Happy days ahead.

  5. Definitely, lots of wonderful fabrics and kits to make.
    That should keep you busy for a few months, lol.


  6. Listen, when fabric is the prize it's ALWAYS worth it, lol - enjoy your new goodies!

  7. Great loot! I think that should hold you until next

  8. So totally worth it!! I just love Crab Apple Hill stitcheries. You are going to be busy with all that great loot! The white on white snow fabric will be perfect for your many winter projects. Obviously the getting lost and flat tire didn't dampen the spending spree that much!

  9. Always worth it! The fat quarters you got from each shop are wonderful. All those patterns and kits and fabric should keep you out of trouble....for awhile.

  10. By the looks of your loot you won the amazing race! lol
    Great pieces they look like fun.

  11. Yes for sure it was all worth it...great finds and great fun...still trying to bring my lower lip upwards LOL.. happy stitching

  12. Wow, what a wonderful assortment of fabric and kits you came home with. Shopping IS hard work, congratulations on toughing it out! I think the civil war prints are my favorite!

  13. I am very proud of you P-I couldn't have done a better job of shop hop purchasing myself! Rock on!

  14. There is no question, of course it was worth it!
    Fabrics are always necessary and my favourite is that gorgeous table topper. Noticed it in a previous post. Lovely treatment of an attractive design.

  15. nice work on the shopping the fabrics from the Calico shop!!.. so pretty..but not too pretty to cut up..just think how it will look all sewn together!!

  16. Totally worth it! I really like the Civil War fabrics. :)

    Have a great week!!

  17. What fantastic goodies. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make from it all.

  18. Totally worth tit!! What a great collection of goodies!

  19. ooohhh looks like you contributed to the economy!

  20. Great purchases. I love the FQ's from all of the shops.