Thursday, March 3, 2011


When it rains it pours…and I’m NOT talking weather!  Yes, I got mail- two parcels arrived in yesterday’s mail! 

The first one was from Mary of Marin and Colusa…P1110956

She sent me my own package of Stitching Lines!!  Wasn’t that nice of her!!  I tell ya’ you meet the nicest people while blogging!!

Now I have to find a project that has TONS of half square triangles in it …man I can’t believe that I just said that as I avoid patterns with too many HST!…These little strips may change my way of viewing quilts that are packed with HST!!  I am going to put them to the test!

If you read my blog you will remember that Colleen was using them HERE and I marvelled at how easy they were to use and how PERFECT her HST were!  Somehow Mary found out (her ears were burning) and sent me my own little bundle to try!!  SO MARY, I hope your ears are burning today!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 

(You can order your own STITCHING LINES here!)

In my other little package I found these lovely little wool pin cushions in the beginning stages of embellishment.  Yes, I am part of another Wool Pincushion Round Robin!  I had so much fun last time that I thought I would give it another go! 


These are the two that I will be working on.  Normally I would only get one at a time but Marie and Synthia live so close together that we thought we would package them together and save postage $$.  I will add my stitches to these and send them back along with mine.

This is Marie’s wool pin cushion and her theme is Spring…there is already a sweet little Spring Lamb and a cute watering can full of spring flowers…


This is Synthia’s and her theme is Patriotic…which will be a challenge for me as I really want to stitch on a Canadian flag..haha… but I won’t..Flirt male


I think I will pull my bible out of my Wool Crazy Bin…I go NO WHERE without this book!!  JoAnn has put a million stitching ideas into this book…I’m sure, with her help, I will find something just right to go on these little mats!


So have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You're going to making lots and lots of half square triangles with ease now. woohoo!!!

    Adorable pin cushions - can't wait to see what you add.

  2. I think a Canadian flag would be fine. AFter all, it represents you and will give your round robin partner something to remember you by.

  3. Thanks for the ordering info for Stitching Lines. I looked for it in my local quilt shop yesterday. I'm going to a retreat next weekend so maybe I'll have my order by then and can show it off.

    I like Thangles, but this looks easier to use.


  4. Hi Paulette!
    Maybe you could make your pincushion Canadian, the flag, the Rockies, shafts of wheat in a field, vancouver island, the prairies, the Great Lakes, the CN tower in Toronto, the "rock", ie: Newfoundland, maybe provincial flowers around the outside....
    hummm, something to think about when I get home.
    Take care, Leslie

  5. I love the pin cushion round robin idea! small, challenging and fun!

  6. Look forward to a review on how you like the new product. Can't wait to see what you add to the woolies.


  7. Nothing beats a good mail day - enjoy your hst's and and pincushions!