Sunday, July 24, 2016

Stash Building...

I had a moment of weakness this weekend as I ventured into a Quilt Shop (Snip and Stitch  in Nanaimo) and yes, I KNEW it would lead to trouble as they were having their annual Summer Tent Sale!  What I didn't know was that they would have the fabric that I have been lusting over, for only $4.99 a metre!  Yes, you heard me, $4.99!!  I'll have a metre of everything, thank you very much!!

Here's what followed me home...

Some yummy flannels...yes, they were $4.99 a metre!

And the fabric that I have been lusting over, Lynette Jensen's 'Home Again'...all $4.99 a metre!  (You may remember that I bought the flower print and the yellow print another time, for another project and I paid double this and thought I got a steal!  Yes, I love this fabric!!)

 SEW...what do I want to make with this lovely fabric...?

WELL...I have owned this book for a long time... 'Material Obsession' by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke...*swoon*...LOVE this book!

 A lot of the quilts have that vintage feel to them.  I made the cover quilt as soon as I bought the book...but it was this hexagon quilt that I REALLY lusted over....but I had to find just the RIGHT floral print...well I think I have have a close match!

Here's the other full picture of the 'The Quilt'...

Here's the quilt picture with the fabric...a fairly close match...I might need a few more greens and neutrals which I hope to pull from my stash...

So yes, I was happy with my purchase...and even happier with the price!  The only thing that put a damper on everything was that they over charged me by $30...again!  They did that one other time that I bought something!  Moral of the story...always check your receipts...before you leave the shop!  They are great about 'refunding' the difference (they mail you a gift card in the amount). It's just that it's a have to remember to take the gift card next time you frequent the store. I blame myself...but  I was so delirious with the SCORE of the fabric, that I paid and never questioned the amount and danced out of the I kick myself!  NEVER AGAIN!!  I don't care how delirious I am!! haha

So that was my shopping excitement for Saturday...For all the local quilters 'out there', the sale continues on today!  The tent is up and there are lots more SALES to be had!  All fabric in the tent is 50% off but remember to go UPSTAIRS!  That's where you will find the $4.99 fabric!  The rest of the shop is 20% off...including BOOKS!  Just remember to check your receipt before you dance out of the store...screaming "SCORE!!" :o))

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting...(I will be painting our new deck...ugh...but daydreaming quilts!)~P


  1. I thought of you the other day when one of my quilting peeps gave away a huge stack of homespuns, and nobody wanted it! What?!? I'll be happy to take it home. Didn't you make a quilt with houses from homespuns? I love your stack of fabric. The top yellow is what I used for my "Stopped me in my tracks."

  2. Wonderful selection of fabrics, Paulette, and they will be gorgeous with your pattern choice. Wish I had the time to drive up island today, but sadly, it's not in the cards. Love the Snip and Stitch, and who can resist a shop that's on Jingle Pot Road.haha

  3. Lovely Stash Enhancemec Xperience Paulette! How do the manage to overcharge $30 both times!

    Have fun with your new purchases, almost worth taking the ferry over...but there was a !!3!! Ferry sailing wait at one point yesterday!

  4. Very fun and such sunny fabrics - perfect to go with the quilt from Material Obsession!

  5. Oh, yes, I can see that quilt coming together. Too bad about the overcharge. Those kinds of things just get me all frazzled. Wonder why they don't just it the difference back on your card. Oh, well, another shopping trip.

  6. Of course you have to get wool at that price, you know you will use it, so a good buy. Love the fabrics and quilt, that is going to be gorgeous.


  7. Love the quilt pattern and your new fabric is the prefect choice. Do you need a special ruler to make the hexi's?

  8. Good score Paulette, perfect fabric for that quilt.
    Also good tip.."always check receipt before leaving shop" .
    Now don't lose the gift card...

  9. The blue background floral print strikes my fancy. Good buys.

  10. some wonderful purchases an as you say such bargain prices shame about the overcharge but a good excuse to go back and buy more fabric. Sarah Fiekle has been at a local shop doing workshops, very impressed with what they did, and envious too, think she must be be for festival of quilts

  11. Such pretty fabrics and at terrific deals! overcharged by $30 twice???? maybe that's their sneaky way of getting everyone to come back???? not good!

  12. Love the fabric choice.....really a gift card for the 30.00 overcharge.....that's not is stealing your money.....they should credit your credit card or give you your cash back......