Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Needle Pulling Thread....

Here's something that you might enjoy seeing...Ann took bits and pieces from two different patterns ('My Sewing Room' from Heart to Hand and  'A Needle Pulling Thread' from Wooden Spool Designs)....and is making this wool and cotton wall hanging for her Sewing Room!

Ann used wool for her applique pieces and then adhered them to a whole cotton flannel backing!  Now comes the fun part...all that lovely hand-work!

 This is going to look wonderful on Ann's Sewing Room wall!
I think this calls for some slow stitching while watching 'The Sound of Music'... as I now have THAT SONG stuck in my brain!  "Sew... A needle pulling thread, La a note to follow SEW..."  Are you with me yet? I need to sing a few more bars?  Thought not!:o)) Thanks for sharing, Ann!  It's always fun to see what other quilters are stitching!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Now that tune is running around my brain, too!! that is a lovely hanging piece--I especially like the bright letters on the royal blue--super hugs, Julierose (now humming lol)

  2. Ann's wall hanging is beautiful and the colours just pop. Happy Stitching!

  3. Ti! A drink with Jam & Bread!!! I remember singing that song to my daughters 4th grade teacher to convince her to pronounce her name correctly...Mi, as in Do-Re-Mi...not Mi as in Michael!

  4. It's beautiful! A wonderful addition to Ann's sewing room!

  5. Ann,s quilt is lovely and will be fun to stitch and then enjoy in her special spot. That song is definitely one that can loop around for a while in the ol' brain.

  6. Beautiful quilt Ann has made!