Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Spy...SANDY!

Being the wonderful grandma that she is, Sandy just completed TWO "I Spy Quilts" for her two darling grand-daughters!  She showed them both the two quilt tops (yet to be quilted) and how to play 'the game' and they were hooked.  They have played several times and now when they visit grandma, they ask if they 'can play the game'!  They are having so much fun with the quilts, that grandma is thinking maybe the quilts should stay at her house!

Sandy brought one of the quilt tops to Heritage to pin...these quilts NEED to be quilted and fast so that her little girlies can really play with them properly!

Check out little Taylor's quilt's laid out on two tables and is getting pinned (many hands make light work)...and is sew darn cute!!  I  think that this is one of the nicest 'I Spy Quilts' EVER!  I love the different size of I Spy blocks in this quilt....and I LOVE the white sashing around each wee square and rectangle!  Really pops them and gives the quilt a fresh, clean and crisp look!
Now I know why Sandy was scooping the smallest pieces of novelty prints off the Share Table!  You wouldn't need much to make up a block for this quilt!  I LOVE that!  

 Sandy even added pictures of the family!  I Spy Grandma and Grandpa!

With the wee small blocks, Sandy was able to fussy cut the cutest and smallest prints!!

 And on the back...soft, soft Minky!
Yup, this quilt is a winner!

When asked about the pattern, Sandy said that she borrowed the magazine that had the pattern inside.  (Sandy can you add that info to the comment section...I'm sure that all the grandma's out there want to know where they can find this pattern!!:)

Thanks for sharing, Sandy!  Maybe next week we will be pinning the second "I Spy Quilt"...I can't wait see that one and play 'the game'!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Very cute I Spy quilt. These types of quilts are so much fun for kids, especially great on a long car ride. Anything to keep them amused, right!

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  3. Oooh yes this Grand-mere wants that pattern for sure...SO darn two little grandgirls would just love it....hugs, Julierose

  4. So cute! My granddaughter would love it. She brought her I Spy book when she came for a visit last week. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love it! Especially how Sandy incorporated a photo of Grandma & Grandpa!

  6. This makes a good setting for an I Spy quilt. A fun quilt for a child.

  7. The pattern is from American Patchwork & Quilting, February 2012, called Fabric Fusion.