Friday, July 8, 2016


I have completed the first two blocks of the BOW sponsored by Moda Bake Shops' Pamela Morgan of 'Sweet Little Stitches'.  I cat in the first block.  Our family loves cats but we have allergies...and as long as there is poodle in them-there-dogs, the allergies are fine!  Hence the dog....

This is gorgeous, blonde grand-dog!  Scout is a golden-doodle and is always up for fun and frolic!  She will catch a ball for hours and loves a good, loooong hike...and in between can be found sniffing the flowers out in her mama's backyard!  She is also one of the most affectionate dogs...when you are sitting down, she will walk up to you and rest her head on your heart for a listen and a cuddle...and will stay like that forever if you let her!  Of course she ONLY does this to you, if you are special!:o) Warms this grandma's heart!
 Bee-beautiful bee!

 The beginnings of a great quilt!  This one is just going to 'evolve' as we go...:o))
 Thanks Pamela!  This is going to be one special quilt!

Today is the start of Buttermilk Milk Basin's Summer BOW...Cheri Payne is starting us off...and then will be followed by thirteen other designers!  Yahoo!  We are in for some fun!  So many little time!
Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. The bee block is my favorite. The hexie blocks surrounding the bee is a cute idea.

  2. Love your wool interpretation Paulette.

  3. Sweet blocks Paulette! Definitely not enough time for all the BOM/Blog hops! Thanks for your motivation!

  4. Very cute. Love your doggie interpretation.
    And I hear you on the cat allergy thing. So DD#1 has a Yorkie Poo and it still bothers DD#2.

  5. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I love the dog, but there is something about bees that makes my heart sing!

  6. Cute blocks so far, Paulette. The bees are sweet, and your lovely golden doodle doggie is a great addition. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  7. Aww sweet blocks! I am doing this one with a friend. An 'encourage along' ;-) I have allergies to both cats and dogs, so I did the kitty because I liked Pamela's drawing. Have a great weekend!

  8. I love how you did your blocks, those are so cute.


  9. blocks looking good I have downloaded the blocks but so far not started them