Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning Motivation...

One hundred lashes with a wet fat quarter for ME!!  
Look at what I found on my camera from over a month ago...a visit with Glynis and the woolies!  I shared the Woolies Projects...and then moved onto the Nanaimo Quilt Show...and forgot all about Glynis' eye candy!  Well lucky you that I found them!  Lots of eye candy and motivation for you to get out of that chair and back to the sewing room!  I always say...better late, than never! is Glynis sharing her hot out of the sewing room Cheryl Wall quilt!  Magnificent!

This is a donation quilt that Glynis is working on.   It's a perfect example of a lovely Layer Cake project OR it could be a scrap happy quilt..and look at how each row is staggered (no matching!!) making this quilt a fast and easy one to put together and it really is stunning!  Sometimes simple is best!

 I may have already showed this picture...Sandy and Glynis' "Cheri Summer Sampler Quilt" off of Cheri's Facebook page!  Both versions are wonderful and both are worth a second look!

Let's check out some of Glynis' summer her ladder quilts!  LOVE the pinwheel quilt and her Primitive Gatherings Summer quilt!

 Ohhhh....I remember this one!  Glynis belonged to a 'small quilt a month club' where they mailed her the pattern and fabric...and this one was one of them!  A perfect example that you don't have to have to do anything intricate to make an absolutely STUNNING quilt!
 I remember seeing this one at the Crawford Quilt Show...before I met Glynis!  It is done in WOOL, which is unheard of in our neck of the woods! Gorgeous drop dead quilt!!  I had to meet her! haha

This wee quilt is on my Bucket's a Kim Diehl quilt.  So nice to see it up close and personal!

 Lots of beautiful little quilts tucked here and there....

 How sweet is this one!!  LOVE!

 This is another sweet FREE pattern that you can find on Cheri Payne's FB page!  LOVE the window frame that it is set into!

A Primitive Gatherings' quilt made in yummy cheddar!

 And of course I have to show you Glynis' Summer Bowl fillers!  SEW cute, each and every one of them!
And look at what the bowl is sitting on...another gorgeous Kim Diehl quilt!


I am guessing here...but I think that this is a 'Bits and Pieces by Joan' cute done up!

Here a quilt...there a quilt...everywhere a quilt, quilt!  Make that amazing quilt!
 This is Glynis' "Houses, Houses" quilt hanging in her entrance way....STUNNING quilt!!  I know...not a good picture but I have shown you this quilt before!  Nice to see her hanging!

And how sweet is this one!

I can't believe that these pictures were just sitting there....saved for a Magical Monday morning!  Hope you enjoyed the eye candy today...because there probably won't be much tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by and happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wow, wow, wow. Thanks for sharing. Such beauty, hard to decide on one..

  2. Glad you found them, so many wonderful quilts and wool pieces.


  3. Just stunnig, no words for Glynis's amazing talent.

  4. The first quilt that Glynis did is fabulous. I am always in love with black backgrounds. I went to Cheryl Wall's website and couldn't find that pattern. Can you please ask Glynis what is the name of the pattern?

  5. Beautiful....Does Glynis ever sleep....

  6. Oh my goodness! I want Glynnis to be my new best friend and for her to remember my birthday, Christmas, etc. Love her garden quilt but love, love her basket of fruit.

  7. What a delightful show--I'll take one of each! : )

  8. Each one a work of art! Thanks for posting Glynnis' wooly creations! I am always WOWED by her creativity!

  9. Thank you for sharing all of these lovelies!

  10. Thank you for sharing Glynnis' amazing projects. Everything is absolutely beautiful. Love, love, love all of them!

  11. Wow! What an awesome collection!

  12. Good thing you took another look at your camera.

    I've got to download all the ones I took this weekend! Good for several posts,

  13. always good to see other people`s creations and more lovely ones here