Monday, March 7, 2016

She Shoots...She SCORES! wasn't a major victory but my SCORE had me pumping my hockey stick as I moved down the aisles!!
First of all...on Saturday I went to the Annual Antique Sale in Chemainus where Dealers from all over gather to show off their stuff...and man, did they have stuff!  Very pricey stuff...BUT I still had fun looking, even if I didn't buy (much).

Check it out...see anything you like?  If you do, be prepared to pay a handsome fee or do some heavy duty bartering...

 Check the floor...there's always interesting 'stuff' down there too...

Seriously, no one seemed to be big bags were leaving the hall...  

 Check it out...everyone had their hands in their pockets!haha

 Lovely pewter...I could see a penny (rug) on that big tray...but not for the price!  I had a hard time not rolling my eyes!


So after ALL THAT...this little cream jug followed me home!  Yup, one man's junk, is another man's treasure!  I love ME a little white jug!  I seem to have a collection happening...put together for your benefit!

 BUT... before leaving the town of Chemainus, I had to stop off at their Thrift of the best on our island!'s a secret but they have the BEST prices and the best loot!

I found these two books in the rotating book rack...SERIOUSLY...I thought I was seeing things...
...because this week, Karen, from Yellow Farmhouse Blog (Instagram)...showed us the SWEETEST Spring penny rug from the Meadow Threads book that she had made.  (I, of course, went straight to my quilting books to see if it was a Nee'l Love book that I owned...a sad face followed!)

Yup...this is THE book and it was WAITING for me!
And this was the penny that Karen showed...cute hey!

 Along with other equally sweet projects!
The other book was Springtime Threads...I liked this book even more...
...Can you see the daffodil mat and the Easter Bunny with the eggs in his backpack and the cutest chicks...SWEET Springtime offerings!  And there are even more Springtime projects to be found in this book!  

It was a FIND...and for 50 cents was a SCORE!!  I am down on one knee pumping my imaginary hockey stick!  Now...can someone PLEASE help me up? :o))  I've got to stop doing that!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I love a good bargain!! Looks like you scored big!

  2. Great story! SO glad it happened just the right way. Look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Wow! Lucky you! Two great finds at the thrift store! Yes, that bunny mat is adorable!

  4. I'd help you up, but I'm laughing too hard!
    Great score--now I'm off to see if those books are in my collection. : )

  5. Great Score for you!! I feel like that it's a bargain when Needl Love puts those books on sale for $10. Lucky you.

  6. I swear you are one of the luckiest thrifters I know. Good for you.

  7. Love reading your blog. Am laughing out loud on this one. Great scores on the books.

  8. Those are both great books. It was definitely a big time score.

  9. Rolling eyes is something I'd do also. Cute Pitcher. You found some great books to play with your WOOL. Some yard sales we call 'drive-bys' because they have junk overpriced.

  10. Great finds, always love it when I find out of print books to add to the collection of patterns.


  11. OOO look at you with the sharp eye for a find! The Angels must be smilin' down on ya'! (read that with your best Irish accent!
    Love the little creamer and both books! The bunny carrying the basket on his back on the back cover of the Easter book really leapt out at me!

  12. I was wondering how I could find Karen's wool bunny wallhanging. Too bad I don't have that book. Enjoy your finds.

  13. how lucky you were to find those books, little jug is sweet. The antique fair good to browse in but as you say for too expensive

  14. Your jugs make a nice little collection. The books are a great find, especially at that price, and the patterns look so your style. I can't wait to see which project you finish first.

  15. Very good prices on the Need'l Love books. I have the spring time book but don't think I have the Meadow one. I have several of their books. You can look at them one day, go back a couple weeks later and look again and notice a project that you didn't pay much attention to before.
    I donated some patterns to a local thrift store a while back and a few weeks later, I found them for sale on E-Bay.....and for a price I wouldn't have paid.