Monday, March 28, 2016

I Spy...a mess of blocks!

I have been ignoring the I SPY quilt that I started last week...or was it the week before...(sheesh...the weeks fly by!!)  But regardless...this is the week to get 'er done!  I have bigger and better things to work on...

This is where I'm at with this quilt...the hexagons and triangles are cut out and joined together..

I have a mess of them...but I'm still not sure that I have enough?  Time will tell...

Now to form the rows....This is how they go together...
 I used the GO! to cut out the blocks but I'm using a FREE pattern from Connecting Threads to put it together.  It's the same pattern but with different sized blocks.

The plan is to carve out some 'quality' sewing time to get some 'quantity' sewing done!

Wish me luck!

Have a magical Monday and happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thanks so much for showing us the pieces laid out before they're stitched - I've always wondered how the angles were sewn and now I know! :)) Have a fun quality and quantity quilting day!!

  2. Such a great pattern for an eye spy quilt! This wile awesome!

  3. The best part of the I Spy quilt is the collecting fun novelties...maybe I need to make another one, lol

  4. I love the idea of doing a quilt like that, need to get over my fear of triangles, lol. Can't wait to see how it looks.


  5. Oh, my goodness, I think I still have bits of that old pumpkin fabric. Years ago I made a table runner and table topper with that as the focal fabric, and I think I picked up mine at a thrift store.
    Anyway, good luck!! : )

  6. Looks like you've got a good sewing plan. Fingers crossed you've got enough locks cut.

  7. What a great pattern for an I Spy, the neutral blue allows all the fun fabrics to work together.

  8. It's going to be super cute. All those fun fabrics playing together. Hope you found the time to get 'er done.

  9. small world I was watching a programme using the elongated hexie with diamonds on sunday so pleased to see there were on y seams