Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Diamonds Are (Eventually) a Girls' Best Friend..

My goodness, I love you guys 'out there' in blogland!  Yesterday, I received the SWEETEST email from my Australian friend, Robyn!  She said she was so inspired by my UFO finishes that she decided to give her own UFO (unfinished Object) another go!  

You have to hear the story behind this quilt...

SEW...Robyn's  dear Aunt gifted her the fabric several years ago.  Robyn loved the fabric and was thrilled when she found the PERFECT pattern on Moda's Bake Shop...a gorgeous Diamond Quilt!  She started sewing but the quilt drove her to tears!  She finally, after much grief,  got the quilt top together...but in the process Robyn said "something went seriously wrong with the angles of the diamonds".  No matter what she did (short of stomping on it), she couldn't get the quilt to lay flat!  She did what most of us would have done...she tossed it into the UFO cupboard!  I think sometimes it's act like this...I call it 'tough love'...that shapes and molds a quilt into being something truly magnificent because look at what morphed from the cupboard!  Yes, it stewed and brewed for 2 or 3 years....

 ...then Robyn hired Linda, a professional quilter and friend and together they worked their magic!  Proving once again, that Diamonds really are a girl's Best Friend!
Robyn says that the quilt is now "passable"...well I beg to differ!   Robyn, your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! 

Unfortunately, Robyn's Aunt passed away before the quilt was completed but I'm sure she would have loved it and been just as thrilled as we are to see what morphed out of that cupboard!  What a beautiful keepsake and tribute to a wonderful Aunt!  Wouldn't your Aunt be proud of YOU!  

I love quilts and the stories behind them!  Thanks for making my week, Robyn!  Moral of the story...throw those 'difficult' quilting projects into the UFO Cupboard to jell and percolate a few years...give them some 'tough love' and they will sort themselves out!  Kind of like the chrysalis stage before you get that beautiful butterfly!  So...have I got you rushing to your UFO Cupboard yet?  Come on, unearth those projects...pull them out and get 'em done!  They have jelled long enough!  

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. A very encouraging story.... Great post :)

  2. A very encouraging story.... Great post :)

  3. So glad Robyn persevered! It is beautiful!

  4. what a sweet story...and I believe that quilts are like our children...sometimes they frustrate us to no end!!! lol

  5. That is a sweet story. I think the moral of the story is that at some point it is safe to pull out those UFOs and try again. Sometimes we can see things from a fresh perspective and they don't look as bad as you thought, or you have gained new skills to learn how to handle them.

  6. it was certainly well worth while going back and having another go a lovely quilt. I am in the process of trying to do a lone star, today I will put it together but fear it will not lie flat