Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Scrap Happy Quilt...

 Nancy, a Heritage Quilt Guild Member, had bins and bins of scraps...did she hide those bins away and pretend that they didn't exist?  Nope, not Nancy!!  She cut those scraps into random sized strips and then took her left-over blocks from other quilts and did some major Scrap Busting!

 Here is Nancy with her masterpiece...from a distance it looks an art piece...twisting and turning every which way  and the colours are absolutely wonderful!  Can you see the center of each 12"'s a left over pinwheel, bow tie, nine patch, hourglass...whatever blocks she had, she used them up!

Nancy used a scrap of 12" square fabric (again from her stash...she said she used the REALLY ugly fabric for this) as her foundation for each block...she put the middle block down and sewed on the strips...helter skelter!  And then for the fun part, she went over ever single seam with a fancy machine stitch, adding more visual impact!

 There is such a variety of fabric...whatever she had, she used...Christmas fabric, kiddie prints, solids, florals and  novelty prints...some gorgeous fabrics...some not so gorgeous...BUT it ALL works!

 Nancy had a ton of fun making this quilt...she bought NOTHING except thread....and by using that 12" foundation piece backing for each square, she didn't need to use batting.  She completed the quilt by backing it with a plain blue fabric and then stitched in the ditch.  DONE!
 I have to say that my pictures DO NOT do this quilt justice!  You REALLY have to see this one in person!  Seriously, this quilt makes me want to get out those bins and PLAY!!

 I love me a Scrap Happy Quilt and Nancy's quilt doesn't get any happier or scrappier!  I have a feeling Nancy's kids will be 'scrapping' over this one!
 Thanks for sharing, Nancy!  This quilt is a beauty to be loved and cherish and USED...and all from those wee bits of SCRAPS!  Boggles the mind!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Having seen this quilt it really is a stunner and a work of love. Right on Nancy!

  2. Thank you Paulette for featuring the Diamond quilt on Monday. I too have a Diamond /Pineapple quilt UFO that has been in a bin for at least 20 years. This is the year to finish it!

  3. Squeal! I love scrap quilts. Love the fancy stitching on this one too. Sensational.

  4. Love the scrap quilts, always fun to do.


  5. WOW!
    The fancy stitching sets this one apart! Lovely!

  6. Amazing! Love it! A great idea.

  7. It's a beauty! Love the top stitched embroidery!

  8. Wow! What an amazing improv quilt. I wouldn't even know how to begin. It is really mind boggling. And how funny to use the real ugly fabric as the foundation.

  9. Nancy certainly is a scrap queen what an amazing quilt sk much to see and admire in it