Sunday, March 13, 2016

Heritage Happenings...

I am behind on my Heritage Happenings..and I better hurry!  I'm going to let you wander through the quilts on your own...

Most of these quilts are going to charity!  It's amazing how many quilts are donated to worthy causes through our Heritage Quilt Guild!  Such amazing, prolific and generous quilters!  
It's windy and stormy here on our island this morning...Rylie has not left my lap as wind and sideways rain scares her.  I'm thinking it's a good day for sewing for the both of us!  The whir of the machine should drowned out the storm...Ahhhh the sacrifices one makes to keep the pooch happy...:o)))  I just hope the power stays on!

Wishing you a super Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wonderful quilt show, the ladies always do such beautiful work.


  2. What beautiful creations and such generous quilters. Always love to see what you share. Enjoy your sew day!

  3. I've always believed that if someone was going to make a charity quilt, it should be as nice as if you were going to use it yourself. Your group certainly does that. Well done.

  4. Another wonderful array of beautiful quilts from those industrious Heritage Quilters. Always enjoy looking at them. Not too windy here at the moment and no rain. However, I'm sure it's on its way as predicted. My daughter from Vancouver is arriving tomorrow on the early boat, hoping the weather is not so extreme that the sailing is cancelled. I have lots of candles and my headlamp at the ready in case the power fails. It's definitely a good day for sewing/quilting, or in my case, cross-stitching.

  5. Its raining here in Oz too...lovely quilts

  6. once again some real beauties here, not usually a blue person but the blue one really caught my eye